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Avolution S-Series Panel from Security Merchants

Avolution S-Series Panel from Security Merchants

ALARM panels are the work horses of the electronic security industry but no one pays much attention to them unless they false alarm or break down. That’s a shame because in the second decade of the new millennium, the latest alarm panels have a lot to recommend them. The Avolution S-Series alarm panel is a case in point. Distributed by Security Merchants, this 16-zone system (wireless receiver optional) supports 100 users, 2 areas with separate stay and arm modes, and a 255-event review memory with time and date stamp.If this doesn’t thrill you, how about 7-door access control using LAN-based prox readers or an optional Wiegand interface board? Then there’s a 5 year warranty, 80 remote control users, 4 PGMs (expandable to 8), a selectable EOL resistor value per input and a dedicated 24-hour system tamper input. Other features include time zones for automatic operations or user restriction, including 8 holidays and daylight savings. There’s also ‘Minder Alert’ technology that advises you when your child or specific user disarms the security system, as well as keyboard control of outputs (ideal for garage doors, lighting, etc).Importantly, too, PC Windows Management software allows for remote or direct connect, there’s optional voice reporting and control with customised messages, chime zone facility, chirp sirens or flash strobe option for remote Arm/Disarm and a choice of LCD, icon & LED keypads in two designs. The Avolution S-series security system offers your customers the peace of mind of having their home or business secure whenever they’re away. Even when they are at home, ‘Stay’ modes also allow them to access secure areas of the property.There’s an inbuilt Digital Dialler can be used to report any alarm activations off-site to a 24 hour monitoring centre or using that optional Voice Module, call your mobile phone and provide clear pre-recorded messages to you regarding the specific locations and types of alarms.

“If this doesn’t thrill you, how about 7-door access control using LAN-based prox readers or an optional Wiegand interface board?”

Thanks to the control software, at any time users can also remotely call their Avolution security system to receive status reports, turn the system or areas of the system on and off, control items in their homes farms or businesses such as lighting, sprinkler systems, pumps, air conditioning, doors or gates. The system can even call and inform users when children or any nominated person has arrived home and turned the system off. The Avolution system has a host of Keypads in different designs to not only blend with a range of décors and provide a simple, easy to use and informative interface to your client’s systems. English language displays and one touch buttons make your system easy to understand and use, especially for children and the elderly.Smart, attractive and reliable remote controls are also available to provide even more flexibility and functionality with your Avolution security system. Buttons can be programmed for simple system on/off tasks, panic activations when inside or around your home and can be used to control lighting, garage doors, gates and much more.Avolution’s built in access control functionality means it’s possible to use proximity type readers located adjacent to doors or gates allowing authorised users to use cards or keyfobs to gain access, providing security through specific areas, whether they be internal or external. A host of Avolution intrusion accessories are available to detect unwanted entry in a number of ways. Magnetic contacts can be discretely placed on windows and doors for perimeter protection whilst motion sensors, shock sensors and glass breakage detectors can be installed to detect intruders.Pet friendly motion sensors are also available to allow pets to stay indoors when the system is armed. Smoke detectors can be integrated to activate the system, alerting those inside, neighbours and sending reports and messages off-site via the inbuilt digital dialler and optional voice module.Many functions of the Avolution system can also be made automatic. With scheduling facilities inbuilt, including programmable holiday periods, this security system can remember to arm itself, even when users forget or turn on your garden sprinklers at programmable intervals.With scheduling, business owners can also find peace of mind knowing their Avolution security system can arm itself every night even if they or an employee forget. Scheduling and time zones can also be applied to system users, restricting them to specific hours of the day and days of the week.Access Control on doors can also be automated to allow free access to public or employees during specific times and then requiring card or keyfob access to authorised users outside those periods.

Features of the Avolution panel include:

• 5 year warranty• 16 alarm zones/inputs which can be hardwired orwireless (when optional receiver is included)• Dedicated 24 hour system tamper input• 100 PIN Users and up to 80 remote control users • 2 areas, each with separate ‘Arm’ & ‘Stay’ modes• Up to 7 doors of Access Control utilising LANbased proximity readers or optional Wiegandinterface board• 255 event review memory, date & time stamped• 4 PGMs (Outputs) onboard, expandable to 8 PGMs• Time zones for automatic operations or userrestriction, includes 8 holidays and daylightsavings• ‘Minder Alert’ technology advises you when yourchild or specific user disarms the security system• Keyboard control of outputs (ideal for garagedoors, lighting, etc)• PC Windows Management software allows forremote or direct connect• Optional voice reporting and control withcustomised messages• Choice of LCD, icon & LED keypads in two designs.

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