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BGWT Introduces Avigilon ENVR1

BGWT Introduces Avigilon ENVR1 8-Port NVR.

BGWT Introduces Avigilon ENVR1 8-Port NVR.

BGWT Introduces Avigilon ENVR1 – Avigilon’s ENVR1 8-port NVR from BGW Technologies is designed for SME CCTV applications and saves installers time and end users money.

“Working with the small to medium sized market can pose many challenges when attempting to source a solution with tier one products that isn’t overkill both from a feature set and a price point,” said BGW Technologies’ product manager, Peter Ha.

“And if you’re also keen to save time on installs, then the Avigilon ENVR1 all-in-one NVR with ACC software, ready to deploy straight out of the box, may the answer.”

Avigilon ENVR1 8-port appliance is a secure, flexible video analytics and management solution designed for the small to medium-sized market, putting edge intelligence and built-in ACC software into the hands of those who need it most.

“ENVR1 is easy to install and provides a sound solution for businesses with multiple sites and critical assets requiring protection and monitoring,” Ha continued.

BGWT Introduces Avigilon ENVR1 8-Port NVR

“Being an edge solution, the ENVR1 is bandwidth friendly, comes with up to 8TB of storage offering more than 30 days local HD video storage, and has a powerful PoE switch on board.

“Importantly it features signed and encrypted Linux-based firmware providing a secure and trusted platform for distributed and internet connected deployments.

According to Ha, you can also use the appliance with the ACC 7 software and next-generation video analytics channel licenses.

“The benefit of employing this option means that non-analytic IP cameras and analogue encoders are enriched with Avigilon’s industry-leading self-learning video analytics, pattern-based object classification and tracking technology,” Ha explained. “This is a great opportunity to access this technology at such a cost-effective price point.

“We are a family-owned, Australian security distributor, committed to saving you time and money, with branches across Australia. If you can’t get into one of our branches, then one of our friendly team members will happily speak with you on the phone or visit you – we are always here to help,” Ha said.

You can find out more about BGWT here, see the full ENVR-1 specifications here, or read more SEN news here.

Avigilon ENVR1 8-Port Features

  • High capacity storage with 4 and 8 TB options
  • Provides up to 210 Mbps of total throughput
  • Ready for mobile connections out of the box with web endpoint technology built in
  • Uses Avigilon’s industry leading high definition Stream Management (HDSM) technology
  • Remote alerts provide instant notifications to any mobile device
  • Ready to deploy out of the box with secure Linux-based firmware
  • Easily installed in a rack with an optional rack-mounted tray with sliding rail system
  • Extends self-learning video analytics to any camera with ACC 7 video analytics channel licenses.

“BGWT Introduces Avigilon ENVR1 8-Port NVR.”

BGWT Introduces Avigilon ENVR1 3
BGWT Introduces Avigilon ENVR1 appliance.


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