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Bosch Puts 700 Cameras Into Racecourses

Bosch Puts 700 Cameras Into Racecourses

The cameras are the first cameras to feature true 15-bit video processing for the highest image quality and were chosen for their low light NightSense capability and accurate colour rendition, which allows them to provide high quality video evidence that can be used in a court of law. By the end of the installation programme, all 59 major racecourse stables across Britain will be equipped with over 700 Bosch DinionXT cameras to give The Jockey Club the most advanced CCTV facilities available. Atkins Telecoms, which specialises in security and crime prevention systems, was appointed by The Jockey Club as the consultant to design and manage the installation of the new CCTV systems at each of the racecourses across Britain, and the main installation contractor was ESS in Darlington. “The new system will significantly increase the deterrent to anyone considering tampering with a horse and, in the rare event of an alleged incident, The Jockey Club is confident that the quality and coverage of the new CCTV system will greatly assist swift and accurate investigation,” says John Elsey, The Jockey Club’s Chief Investigating Officer. The system is designed to provide reliable identification of anyone entering the stable yards, as well as monitoring all people and livestock within the yard both during the day and at night. The recorded images are of a very high quality and admissible in a court of law. Digital video recorders will store up to 850 gigabytes of video footage at each racecourse, providing an archive that can be easily interrogated up to 60 days after an event. According to Jon Elphick, Atkins’ project manager, the new Bosch DinionXF LTC 0610 High Performance Colour Cameras were evaluated against competitive manufacturers’ products and proved to be the best solution for the stables. Many of the horses settle in over the night before, so the systems have to be able to operate under a variety of low light levels at night, as well as operating during daylight hours. The cameras employ the most advanced ½ inch CCDs available, as well as advanced front end processing. The result is excellent colour rendering in low light situations and sharper daytime images. In very low light level areas overnight, the cameras automatically switch into NightSense mode. The project is being funded with a grant from the Levy Board. The grant was provided to The Jockey Club in response to recommendations from the Integrity Review Committee. By the end of 2004, the new CCTV camera and recording systems will be installed in most of the 59 racecourses across the length and the breadth of Britain. The final few installations will take place around March 2005.

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