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Bosch VMS 6.5 Adds Ganetec Bintelan IVA

Bosch VMS 6.5 complements Bosch’s camera-based video analytics with server-based analytics from Ganetec’s Bintelan Analytics Platform, adding powerful intelligence for applications requiring database matching.

Analytics like facial recognition and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) help security operators and security managers make even smarter, quicker decisions, using a single software interface. Bosch VMS 6.5 also complements Bosch’s camera-based intelligent video analysis with industry-specific functionalities, for example, transportation analytics, like detection of dangerous goods, speed control or traffic jam detection. 

The Bosch Video Management System offers flexible system design

• Professional: Single Management Server System 1 to 2,000 cameras out of the box. Only this system supports Bosch VMS-BIS Connectivity.

• Enterprise System: Supporting multi Management Server requirements for Metro, Airport and other large industrial facilities across different time zones. Supports controlled monitoring across different legal
entities. Monitoring of up to 10,000 cameras across 10 subsystems per user group resulting in 200,000 cameras in total. Up to 30 subsystems per user group for <100 cameras per subsystem, allowing each
operator to access events, alarms, live and playback from up to 30 Management Server computers simultaneously.

• Maximum 500 ONVIF cameras per Management Server

• Access to live including PTZ control and recorded video of up to 9,999 sites with Bosch DVR recorders, DIVAR IP 3000 / 7000 and single Management Server computers

• Management Server software provides management, monitoring, and control of the entire system. One single Management Server manages up to 20000 cameras/encoders.

• Enterprise Management Server provides access to multiple Management Servers

• Configuration Client software provides the straight forward user interface for system configuration and management

• Config Wizard software provides easy and fast setup of a small recording system when using the Bosch VMS Appliance.

• Bosch VMS Appliance: DIVAR IP 3000 /7000 is a simple and reliable all-in-one recording, viewing, and management solution for network surveillance systems with 32 channels pre-licensed.

• Operator Client software provides the ergonomic and intuitive user interface for system monitoring and operation.

• Mobile Video Service provides a transcoding service. It transcodes the live and recorded video stream from a configured camera according to the available network bandwidth. This service enables video clients to view high-quality images via low bandwidth.

• Mobile App (iPhone or iPad): Access live and playback video from remote in single or quad-view. Alert and share live video from mobile camera with other security staff with a single click. App available
in AppStore.

• Web Client: Access live and playback video from remote in single or quad-view. Search for text data and trigger export of videos on Management Server.

• Bosch Video Streaming Gateway: Bosch cameras, ONVIF cameras, JPEG cameras, RTSP encoders.

Features include:

* Maximum resilience to ensure continuous operation
* Up to 2000 cameras with a single recording server means high savings
* A scalable system growing with your needs
* Best integration with Bosch video hardware
* Offers integration with selected 3rd party cameras and storage systems, as well as with other solution providers of for example ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) and face recognition (see https://ipp.boschsecurity.com). ♦


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