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BoschS Vcr Replacement

The unit is more reliable than a conventional recorder, and with no tape usage or regular maintenance required, its cost of ownership should be significantly lower. Being digital, the DVR1A offers greater capacity than VHS-based systems. The recorder hard disk has a capacity of 80 GB, equivalent to approximately four video tapes. This allows continuous or time-lapse recording for up to a week or even longer. It also eliminates the need for frequent and costly maintenance of read/write heads and other moving parts. It provides greater convenience, since there are no video tapes to change or archive. With images stored digitally on the hard disk, it is easy to search through recorded footage by date/time or alarm events, with the facility to retrieve images almost instantly. Simple front panel controls – including jog/shuttle – make it straightforward to navigate through the on-screen menu, select options and view images. For greater flexibility in viewing, storing and sharing, individual frames or video can be exported to a Compact Flash card and then transferred to a PC. The DVR1A records video signals from a single camera input or multiple camera inputs, routed via a multiplexer. It offers consistently superior image quality when compared to traditional time-lapse recorders, with no degradation of recorded images. Recording can be triggered via an alarm connected directly to the DVR. Footage recorded before the alarm, already stored in the buffer, is automatically transferred to the hard disk for later viewing to complete the required section.


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