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Gallagher Mobile Automates London

Gallagher Mobile Automates London

♦ Gallagher Mobile Automates London – Gallagher Mobile Connect delivers seamless automation for new hybrid-friendly commercial building at 221 London Circuit, Canberra.

Managed by property developer, Molonglo, 221 London Circuit is a 12-storey property based in the city centre of Canberra, Australia and is positioned to offer flexible workspaces for the professional service industry. The newly opened commercial building employs Gallagher’s Mobile Connect solution to offer smart office environments for businesses adopting a hybrid model of working.

Gallagher’s Mobile Connect app has been integrated with 221 London Circuit’s on-site service technology, Office, to enable tenants to book and access meeting rooms directly from their smartphone. Through this intelligent integration, Gallagher Mobile Connect allows businesses requiring office facilities or temporary shared rooms for meetings or small events, to secure a space via a browser and issues them with instant access credentials, without the need for paperwork or a property manager on site to grant access.

“The flexibility of our workspaces at 221 London Circuit reframes traditional leasing as an on-demand service offering – where space is only accessed and paid for when required,” Daniel Rex, head of innovation & operations for Molonglo, said. “By working with Gallagher and installing its mobile technology, we’ve been able to simplify access for our tenants and remove the need for physical ID cards.

“The fact that Gallagher Mobile Connect is backed by a globally recognized method of authentication gives us complete peace of mind that not only are our spaces easily accessible, but the software managing the access is completely cyber-secure.”

Craig Schutte, Gallagher’s Vice President for Asia Pacific and IMEA (India, Middle East, and Africa), said the seamless automation and integration of Gallagher Mobile Connect in spaces like 221 London Circuit supports the rise in demand for frictionless office environments.

“Our Mobile Connect solution is an excellent example of how security technology plays a key role in enabling people to work the way they want to through seamless automation and intelligence within their working environment,” Schutte said. “By using Gallagher’s mobile app, tenants at 221 London Circuit can enjoy a completely frictionless experience when accessing their office – from the carpark, to the lift, and into meeting rooms – it’s all managed via their mobile device.

“With many businesses shifting towards a hybrid approach to working, we can see the demand for flexible and frictionless office spaces continuing to grow well into the future.”

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