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Honeywell Updates Pro-Watch

Honeywell Updates Pro-Watch

Honeywell Updates Pro-Watch – Honeywell has updated its Pro-Watch integrated security suite, which includes Pro-Watch 6.0, Pro-Watch Video Management System R750, and its 35 Series cameras.

The company states version 6.0 provides automated incident workflows and system health dashboards to reduce operational costs, while enabling higher levels of compliance for highly regulated industries without adding work to security teams.

Some of the benefits of Pro-Watch 6.0 include that is improves situational awareness by providing Salvo views without a bounding box and allows security operators to access incident reports with evidence attachments; operators can also manage both access and video control through a unified mobile app.

The new Pro-Watch features an enhanced alarm management allowing operators to search, filter and rollup events by severity and time, and it improves ease of integrations with open platform – Honeywell said version 6.0 integrates across its access control platforms and it features native integration to Honeywell Vindicator panels, offering military-grade intrusion detection capabilities. It also works with third-party platforms including latest version of Idemia Morphowave biometric readers.

Honeywell said Pro-Watch VMS R750 controls video subsystems in order to collect, manage and present video in a clear and concise manner, as well as intelligently determining the capabilities of each subsystem across various sites, allowing video management of digital video devices through a unified configuration and viewer.

Honeywell VMS R750 benefits and features include:

* Supports integration with third-party cameras, eliminating the need for separate wiring and cabling
* Feature rich web client (Intelligent Command) that minimizes cost of upgrades
* Improves productivity: VMS R750 is said to maximize the viewing capability of critical, essential or vulnerable areas through GPU rendering that allows the ability to view more cameras by a single NVR workstation, helping to reduce overall cost.
* Features P/T/Z priority: This option provides uninterruptable p/t/z operations to help improve situational awareness for organizations with a high number of p/t/z cameras.

Honeywell explains that its new Pro-Watch products are designed with cybersecurity in mind – the 35 Series cameras work with video systems that comply with U.S. legislation, NDAA Section 889 Part B.

According to company, the 35 Series rounds out Honeywell’s range of cameras that provide a greater emphasis on cybersecurity and compliance, with smart human and vehicle motion detection to reduce false alarms.

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