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IDIS Loss Prevention Guide

IDIS Loss Prevention Guide Released.

IDIS Loss Prevention Guide Released.

IDIS Loss Prevention Guide – CCTV manufacturer IDIS has released a guide to help retailers manage loss prevention using CCTV solutions.

The free-to-download eBook ‘Five Surveillance Essentials for Cutting Shrink and Protecting Profits’, IDIS provides retailers and systems integration partners with advice on how to better leverage video systems to prevent theft, implement effective methods and more.

According to IDIS loss prevention guide, there are 5 key elements that maximise the value of their video surveillance technology in retail settings:

  • Don’t cut corners with cameras
  • Reliable, affordable and easy to retrieve video evidence
  • Centralised, local and remote monitoring
  • Affordable POS and video integration
  • Getting proactive and preventative with AI.

From IDIS Edge AI cameras to the latest NVRs and VMS, DAS exclusively supports the wide range of IDIS solutions that retailers can leverage for less shrinkage and maximised security.

At the same time, security installers are provided with reliable and user-friendly IDIS solutions matched with the expertise of DAS’ team of specialists alongside their value-added services and warranties.

You can read the full eBook here contact DAS for more information on IDIS here or read more SEN news here.

“IDIS Loss Prevention Guide Released.”

IDIS Loss Prevention Guide 2 LR
IDIS Loss Prevention Guide Released.


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