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ISC West Spoiler Alert

ISC West Spoiler Alert

Now, before I launch into this brief outline (more next issue) I’m going claim enthusiast’s immunity from local marketing departments, while at the same time advising our readers that many of the products I discuss here are not yet available in Australia. Maybe you’ll see them at Security 2012 in Sydney, maybe you won’t. And if you call a local supplier and hassle them over anything I mention, be sure to tell them I expressly told you not to. Or say you read about them on that border-less promotional utensil you’re sitting in front of.
With that clunky disclaimer out of the way, let’s hit out, shall we. The first thing that grabbed my attention was Honeywell Maxpro Cloud. There I was, preaching about opportunities for VSaaS in remote monitoring applications for installers and monitoring stations in the latest issue’s Monitoring Segment and Honeywell ups and releases the very thing. Maxpro Cloud allows access of video from any Internet connected camera or appliance. Nice. 
Moog has released Thermiq technology which works to disperse heat from hardworking IP cameras in the field. Hot cameras have shorter lives and these Moog Videolarm Fusion Camera housings are ideal for applications with heat stress. 
New from Panasonic was the WV-SW559 vandal-resistant network dome which offers 1080p and 360p image streams simultaneously. This unit incorporates the new UniPhier S LSI processor with 2 VIQS for a 50 per cent bandwidth reduction. This unit offers SmartHD features like partial image cropping, auto backfocus and face detection. 
March Networks. Potentially a big player in the networked electronic security market. The company released Searchlight at ISC – an integrated video and data analytics suite that synchronises surveillance video, transaction data, facial images and license plate recognition to thwart skimmers and fraudsters. 
Avigilon – new from this dynamic outfit was Control Center Mobile which enables security professionals to hook up to the Avigilon Control Center Network Video Management Software (NVMS) platform over any IP wireless network with Android and Apple devices for remote viewing of live and recorded surveillance video.
And from Bosch, this, the NEI-30 Dinion IP Infrared Imager with remote IR activation and built-in intelligent video analysis to automatically detect suspicious behaviour. The unit allows adjustment of the intensity and shape of the IR beam to match the site. Yep – the next generation of cameras will be as smart as paint. 
Axis had Lightfinder technology integrated into AXIS Q16 and AXIS P33 series network cameras, allowing them to see in virtual darkness. We reviewed this great technology in our last issue so feel free to call Axis and tell them we sent you. Meanwhile, DVTel showed TrueWitness which turns a smart phone in a mobile video camera that streams back to the Latitude 6.2 NVMS head-end over 3G, 4G or wireless. Neat.
HID Global showed off its iCLASS SE access control platform based on HID’s Secure Identity Object (SIO) technology. The platform introduces technology-independent digital credentials that can be deployed for use on NFC smart phones among other things. It’s available in Australia right now. 
InterLogix was displaying TruPortal, an IP appliance-based access control system that integrates with Interlogix TruVision video products. The system features an easy-to-use browser-based interface, is easy to install, requires no specialized training, and no additional software installation or licensing. The system also features a companion iPad app that enables users to remotely monitor system activity and to perform basic administration such as adding or deleting users. Sweet. 
New from Samsung was SNO-7080R, a Full HD 3 megapixel IR LED camera that features 32 IR LEDs provides the ability to capture clear images of objects which are up to 30m from the camera and IP66 rating. Another treat was Industrial Vesda VLI, which is designed for rugged industrial environments with IP54 rating making it resistant to water and dust. 
 So, what do these few releases tell us about our market in 2012? They indicate a preparedness to invest in our industry’s future. They suggest companies are reaching out for real opportunities in IP and lateral applications. And unmistakably, heart warmingly, they show real progression towards greater performance and functionality at all levels of security electronics and networks.
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