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JCI Bringing Exacq To SecTech

JCI Bringing Exacq To SecTech Roadshow 2013.

JCI Bringing Exacq To SecTech Roadshow 2023.

JCI Bringing Exacq To SecTech – JCI is bringing its exacqVision video management system around Australia with SecTech Roadshow this May (pre-register here).

The exacqVision VMS records surveillance video from thousands of IP camera models and displays it on client software, in a web browser or mobile app. It allows operators to effectively monitor video, audio, and data in real time on a customizable video wall, as well as brining in 2-way audio, interactive mapping, notification overlays and more.

The system reduces review time and allows investigations to be conducted seamlessly thanks to video bookmarking, powerful search capabilities, video export in standard formats or as a self-contained, tamper-protected player exacqVision Windows network video recorders.

End users can also manage intrusion and access control via exacqVision VMS – features include monitoring zone status, arming, disarming and silencing zones, monitoring door status, controlling doors and searching video related to alarm and door events.

Options include the A-Series, which is an all-in-one hybrid server and IP camera server solutions, and the Z-Series – a high-performance network video recorder supporting up to 500 remote clients.

JCI Bringing Exacq To SecTech

See JCI’s latest at SecTech in Brisbane on May 2, Sydney on May 4, Melbourne on May 9, Adelaide on May 11 and Perth on May 16 – pre-register here and see more SEN news here!

“JCI Bringing Exacq To SecTech Roadshow 2023.”

JCI Bringing Exacq To SecTech 2 LR
JCI Bringing Exacq To SecTech 3


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