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Macquarie University Plans Cloud Storage for 1200 IP Cameras

Macquarie University Plans Cloud Storage for 1200 IP Cameras

MACQUARIE University in Sydney has published a request for proposal for data centre storage for its video surveillance solution, which is planned to expand to 1200 IP cameras by 2017. 

The RFP, which closes on October 24, applies to the storage component only, and the selected solution will be deployed across both MQU’s datacentres, Site A on-campus and Site B off-campus. 

MQ Courtyard

“Macquarie University, has partnered with Milestone XProtect Corporate to update the existing closed circuit television (CCTV) application,’ says Macquarie Uni’s RFP. “As a result of the planned upgrade, we now have a requirement to review and replace the supporting infrastructure. 

“(The selected solution) is required to provide the storage of video footage and support the requirement for live viewing of 60 concurrent video streams.

“(The solution is) to provide a resilient video storage, retention and retrieval solution for the campus-wide deployment of the digital CCTV system which is planned to expand to 1200 IP Cameras within 3 years.”

Macquarie Theatre

MQU Lane Cove

Founded in 1964 by the New South Wales Government, MQU was the third university to be established in the metropolitan area of Sydney. The university comprises 5 major faculties, and is the fourth largest University in Sydney. 

Macquarie University also has the largest student exchange programme in Australia. The university is ranked among the national top five recipients of relative research income. It has nearly 40,000 students and 2350 staff members. 

Also affiliated with the university are several research centres, schools and institutes including the Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Australian Proteome Analysis Facility, the Institute of Human Cognition and Brain Science, the Macquarie University Research Park and the Macquarie University Hospital.

Macquarie University Hospital

MQ Lake

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