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Milestone Husky NVRs

Milestone Systems has released its Milestone Husky Series, a family of Linux-based NVR appliances with Milestone’s advanced VMS pre-installed on high-performance hardware. The release is a serious move into the appliance business. 

“We have listened to customers in the video surveillance market – and now match their needs for a pre-configured, integrated solution with reliable Milestone quality,” says Lars Nordenlund, VP of incubation and ventures at Milestone Systems. “The Milestone Husky series is a serious move from the world VMS leader into the appliance business.

“Milestone Husky is a new family of performance-optimized solutions for out-of-the-box video surveillance,” he says. “When designing the Husky appliance series, we thought big and created a range of products to meet a wide variety of needs, with robust products that are plug-and-play yet configurable and scalable. 

“These are powerful appliances with reliable, high-quality components and superior feature sets that drive faster processing and better quality video and analytics.”

The ready-to-use Milestone Husky Series will include a 3-year software upgrade plan and hardware warranty, available in 3 form factors designed for different surveillance requirements. The first is the Husky M10, a sleek, compact, fan-less device. Next is the Husky M30, which is a high-performance desktop appliance. Finally, there’s the Husky M50 rack-mounted high-power unit.

Husky group shot

The Husky Series will also be offered in custom-build versions with more than 40 individual combinations of pre-matched software and suitable hardware. The boxes provide fast processing power of i3/i5/i7, high storage capacity of 1 to 24TB, RAM options from 4GB to 16GB, and dual network interface cards.

Easy and fast to install according to Milestone, these Husky NVRs have automatic device discovery with wizards for configuring the entire system, and the device license keys are pre-activated. The Milestone open platform supports more than 2,000 camera models from over 100 manufacturers, as well as compatibility with ONVIF and PSIA compliant devices. Third-party integrations with video analytics and access control add even more value.

Customers will get instant and remote access to live and recorded video through a flexible choice of client interfaces, including Milestone XProtect Smart Client, XProtect Web Client or Milestone Mobile.
Intuitive management hinges on the quality of the operating system and Husky M30 and Husky M50 are pre-installed with professional grade, full-featured Milestone VMS with maps and an Alarm Manager function that gives immediate visual verifications while camera carousels do virtual patrolling. Workloads are minimized through a video timeline, Sequence Explorer and Smart Search – advanced investigation tools with easy evidence sharing and export options.

Husky NVRs

The Husky M10 has an video management software (VMS) preloaded and configured for efficient performance and reliability. It’s designed to plug in and operate within minutes thanks to automatic camera discovery up to 8 connected cameras.

There’s live video from all cameras in one viewing interface, simple view and play back, easily export for forensic evidence and investigation, pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) controls, user management capability, built-in motion detection, supports for Milestone Customer Dashboard.


The Husky M10 is 200(W) x 200(D) x 45(H)mm, runs an i3 Atom processor and has 4GB of RAM and 1TB of storage. There’s a 3-year warranty and a streamlined web user interface which enables view, play back and sharing of video from web browsers. 

Milestone Husky M10 is supported by Milestone Interconnect, a system concept that allows all Milestone Husky NVRs, Milestone Arcus appliances and all XProtect VMS to be linked with XProtect Corporate. Milestone Interconnect provides a cost-efficient and flexible way to gain central surveillance operation across geographically dispersed sites.

Next comes Husky M30, a customizable workstation appliance running an i5 processor and embedded with XProtect video management software (VMS). It’s designed for workstation installations with comprehensive surveillance needs. This includes interactive and multi-layered maps for a graphical overview of the surveillance installation for prompt response. Alarm Manager is integrated with the map function for a consolidated overview of security and system alarms and advanced video search tools quickly locate recordings for use as high-quality evidence. Multi-channel, 2-way audio handles message broadcasts or direct communications. 


M30 is easy to deploy and expand thanks to automated installation procedures that are completed with just a few mouse clicks. Automatic camera discovery detects and configures any newly added cameras and unlimited servers maintain system performance as additional devices are added to the installation. Milestone Husky M30 and M50s can be connected making them scalable. 

There’s also the ability to access video remotely for faster response to incidents, built-in motion detection and dual, independent, configurable video streams to optimize servers and network infrastructure. Husky M30 supports 10 camera channels, is 30(W)x30(D)x9(H) cm in size, has 4GB of RAM and 2TB of HDD storage, expandable to 4TB. 

The big boy is Husky M50, a premium, customizable, rack-mounted solution running an i7 CPU that combines high-performance, robust, industrial-grade hardware and XProtect video management software (VMS) for advanced installations with sophisticated surveillance needs.

Husky M50 also has Milestone’s advanced interactive monitoring and graphical overview with and multi-layered maps with integrated Alarm Manager for consolidation of security and system alarms. Advanced video search tools quickly locate recordings for use as high-quality evidence and there’s multi-channel, 2-way audio for message broadcasts or direct communications.


Installation is automated, there’s auto camera detection and unlimited servers maintain system performance as additional devices are added to the installation. It scales with additional M30 and M50 NVRs able to be connected. You get remote access, motion detection, dual, independent, configurable video streams to optimize servers and network infrastructure, a 3-year software upgrade plan (SUP), support from the Milestone Customer Dashboard and optional RAID storage.

The i7-powered M50 is available in a number of specifications. The first supports 10 cameras, is 43(W)x40(D)x8,8(H) cm in size, has 8GB of RAM and and 4TB of storage. The next supports 20 cameras with 8GB of RAM and 8TB of storage. Another handles 40 cameras with 16GB of RAM and 16TB of storage, while an 80-camera M50 has 16GB of RAM and 24TB of storage. 


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