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Moment of Insight

Moment of Insight

AT the heart of
the Insight upgrade are new user friendly, user management screens that makes
operations like editing users a simpler process thanks to the reorganisation of
the Insight Edit user screens. In Insight V5, multiple
tabs have been simplified so now all relevant user information is accessible on
a single screen.

There’s also now
a Tagboard User Location System that incorporates a user location module and displays
the location of specific users, or displays all users in specific locations. It
delivers real-time user location status and is designed for both public
displays and private workstations.

Additionally, Insight
V5 introduces a brand new user credit feature which is ideally suited to
carpark applications. Users are given credit points, by operator entry from the
Insight Edit application or dynamically added

from a 3rd party
application. User access events then decrement

these credits and
users access permissions will expire when their

credit points
equal zero.

Also new is a Qualification/Certification
Management function. This important new feature can assist organisations
managing Occupational

Health and Safety
(OH&S) risks. The system supports up to eight qualifications. A door or a
door list can be associated with a qualification and a user must have this
qualification in order to access

the door.

If a users’
qualification expires, then access to this door or doorlist is denied. This
assists organisations manage access to equipment and goods that require updated
certification for employees to be legally permitted to access the equipment.

Another neat
feature is updates to the Schematic Floor Plan Module giving smart features
including Auto Schematic login from workstation boot-up, Auto restore saved
window views at login and Full Screen Mode for mimic panel displays.

There are also new
features for Insight review including, auto log-in to review from workstation
boot-up and auto restore of saved window views at login. Additionally, Insight
V5 allows external applications that can be launched directly from Insight
Launchpad, allowing users to make their own Icon, Name and
Description for External Applications.  

There are also re-organised,
simpler to use User Management Screens in Insight Edit that allow you to more easily
view and edit common user information all in one simple screen. This gives
improved speed of operation.

Insight V5 also
has the ability for communicators to accept 3rd party serial or TCP data and
log review entries, as used in Ekotek paging, location and personnel protection
system interface. It’s also used in intercom interfaces. This gives the ability
to log review entries from 3rd party interfaces via COM interface. Users also
benefit from new advanced reports, including User Qualification Reports, User
Entity Access Reports, New Virtual User Reports.

Other features
include the ability to have different panels in different regional time zones,
the ability to move cameras within the site hierarchy (one NVR can have cameras
in different sites), import and export user photos and receive Paradox RF fob
review messages. There’s also support for Concept 4000 V7.8 firmware changes.

“In Insight V5, multiple
tabs have been simplified so now all relevant user information is accessible on
a single screen”

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