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Must-See Security Solutions at Security and Government Expo, Canberra Nov 3!

WHAT are the must-see products at Security and Government Expo? There are plenty of great solutions to check out, with a serious an accent on facilitating security procedures and enhancing operational efficiencies. Register here and we'll see you at the Realm Hotel between 12-6pm, Thursday November 3.  

Sektor is working on bringing along high end optical gear designed for massive sites. According to Tom Kinkade, the team will be demonstrating a radar and camera tracking system running live on Vancouver Harbour. This demo will incorporate a real time connection to servers in Vancouver to access a solution using FLIR radar to track harbour targets. The demo will follow the action with FLIR long range cameras.


Alongside this operational powerhouse, Sektor will show FLIR Latitude VMS, FLIR Cameleon PSIM with the ability to command and control multiple disparate data sources including Milestone, Genetec and Exacq, FLIR Thermal FC-ID cameras with edge based analytics running, long range, nitrogen cooled thermal cameras, FLIR intrusion detection analytics (ioimage) and a Canon PTZ which Kinkade says is extremely popular with AFP and intelligence agencies for evidence collection).

Avig Appearance Search

Avigilon’s Appearance Search is another must-see. We saw it at Security 2016 in Melbourne and it’s very special. According to local distributor CSD, Appearance Search revolutionises the way end users interact with surveillance systems thanks to their ability to search for an individual in seconds. After identifying a subject of interest, operators and investigators can immediately search and find out; where did they come from? What did they do? Where did they go? Where are they now? Applications for this technology include airports, train stations, hospitals, education, city surveillance, shopping centres – anywhere security teams need to identify and locate individuals virtually instantaneously. 

g sim 1170 390

From Geutebruck comes the G-SIM + G-Link, which arranges video streams and all pertinent information displayed (and disseminated where required), in a timely fashion. You get an overview of information including images, graphical maps, status details, process data, lists, workflow instructions, health monitoring, comprehensive user audits and operator messaging. At its heart, G-Link interfaces a GEUTEBRÜCK video management system with an entire security infrastructure, along with process control systems and facility management.

At SAGE Telstra is showing a full range of electronic security, cyber security and secure network solutions for enterprise and government – a real strength here is Telstra’s managed video-as-a-service, advanced video analytics, access control, alarms, remote telemetry and graded monitoring services. Moreton Bay Council has just signed up – with CCTV costs bundled with its telephony. Joint ventures, AFN Solutions and Telstra SNP Monitoring, possess integration and installation capabilities with significant experience supporting all types of government projects.

Axis Perimeter Defender 0

From AXIS comes Perimeter Defender, a scalable and flexible video analytics application for perimeter surveillance and protection. The video-based application provides accurate detection capabilities with simultaneous support for multiple detection scenarios, including several types of intrusion detection and loitering. AXIS Perimeter Defender is i-LIDS approved as a primary detection system for sterile zone monitoring applications. This solution features an intuitive system design tool and automatic calibration for simplified setup to reduce installation and configuration time. This application is ideal for high-security perimeter protection scenarios such as power plants, chemical plants and other installations where there is a need to reinforce the physical access control system with reliable intrusion detection.

Dahua DSS Server
The must-see at the Dahua stand is new DSS server, which enables a control room to monitor live and recorded footage from body-worn and vehicle mounted cameras via 4G, 3G and Wi-Fi networks. Given recent studies show body-worn cameras reduce the incident of complaints against law enforcement, this solution has serious potential. The server allows users to track a moving person or vehicle, receive live panic alerts and hold 2-way audio conversations. At SAGE, the Dahua DSS server will be connected with our Mobile NVRs and body-worn cameras so you can see the system running live for yourself. DSS can control various Dahua solutions – access control, static CCTV cameras, video intercoms, emergency call points and Dahua’s intelligent parking system. It also integrates with third-party products and platforms.

Optera 989x1024 1

Pelco by Schneider Electric will show its end-to-end video surveillance and security solutions that provide the information necessary to make real-time, business-enabling decisions. According to Pelco’s Craig Cobbin, whether you’re an integrator, an architect, or an engineer; in charge of security and surveillance at a casino, a hospital, or an oilrig or a business’ CEO, CFO, or CSO, one thing is certain. “Information is critical to your success and no manufacturer can deliver the information you need, the moment you need it, better than Pelco by Schneider Electric,” he says.

BFT Moovi 50

BFT is an Italian manufacturer of with a range of automation products from gates and barriers to fully integrated parking solutions and BFT Australia will be showing SAGE visitors the XPASS hydraulic Ant-terrorist bollard range. These solutions are independently crash-tested to standards WA14-1:2013V/7200(N3C)/80/90 (formally K12 &K4). “When physical security is a must, you can’t go past our product range,” says BFT Australia. “We provide increased maximum security products with the flexibility to integrate with your current security needs.” 

SQCC aerial 1
A SAAB solution helps manage the Southern Queensland Correctional Centre

SAAB Australia will show solutions that allow serious security users to take control of their control rooms with next-generation security information platforms. According to SAAB, control rooms are stressful when an incident unfolds, with torrents of information to process from multiple systems in real time. SAAB security solutions give operators a simple, complete, security and surveillance picture in real time as events unfold to eliminate guesswork and stress. Situations are resolved as they happen through a comprehensive, intuitive interface. Operators can see what is happening immediately and act on emergency or security breaches confidently with the fastest and most accurate data.

SAAB solutions are available off-the-shelf or can be easily customised to work flows and operational procedures. Users are not locked into proprietary subsystems but can integrate any subsystem. “For too long, infrastructure managers and emergency service responders have been constrained by the one-stop-shop approach of vertically integrated systems,” SAAB says. “Not anymore. Visit Saab Australia’s booth at Security and Government Expo and we’ll show you how to can gain control with our security solutions.” 

Gallagher 0

There's a swag more great stuff to see at SAGE, from Gallagher's new powered fence controller, LED Sensormat's highly sensitive and utterly reliable fibre optic intrusion detection technology, a new Hall Effect sensor from FSH that overcomes the inherent weaknesses of older technology, both powerful optical solutions and affordable CCTV products from C.R. Kennedy, highly secure security management from Inner Range, the best of Bosch and plenty more.

LED Sensormat 0

Stay tuned over the coming weeks as we reveal all the latest and greatest tools in security technology you'll see at SAGE – register here and we'll see you there! ♦

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