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Panasonic’s New iPro Smart HD 6 Series: Sneak Peek

Panasonic’s New iPro Smart HD 6 Series: Sneak Peek

A COUPLE of days ago I got a look at Panasonic’s new WV-SFR631L Super Dynamic Full HD vandal resistant network camera, which is set for release later in the year. 

Using a Panasonic-developed 1/3-inch MOS sensor, the camera offers 1080p or 720p HD at 60fps, awesome wide dynamic range of 133dB, 30m LED support, dual SDXC slots, excellent low light performance and stacks more. 

The version I got a look at with Panasonic’s engineering team out at Pacific Communications’ Rydalmere office was still being tweaked but real world performance was strong. 

Pana 6 Series3

There’s an inevitable trade off with IP cameras between low light performance and noise – this comes down to the amplification of gain – and to my eye, Panasonic looks to have got it right with the 6 Series. 

Performance in low and backlight was very strong. Colour rendition internally and externally was exceptional. I think objective testing will show Panasonic 6 Series is firmly in contention to become one of the strongest performing cameras on the market. The new cameras are engineered for high performance under any lighting conditions, and capture and deliver outstanding high definition image quality. 

Each camera is available in a 1080p/60p Full HD model or a 720p/60p HD model. They include an IP66 rated outdoor weather and vandal-resistant camera; an indoor vandal-resistant camera; and a standard indoor dome model. Using Panasonic’s advanced, next-generation UniPhier LSI processors, 6 Series cameras produce high-definition resolution at 60 frames per second, enabling the capture of exceptionally clear images of moving objects.

The cameras also feature the ability to encode up to four simultaneous H.264 streams, and 6 JPEG outputs, while maintaining efficient use of bandwidth via the UniPhier’s very effective Shadow Compression Engine.  Panasonic’s Enhanced Super Dynamic and Adaptive Black Stretch (ABS) technologies also provide up to 133dB of dynamic range, delivering outstanding performance in highly dynamic lighting conditions.

In addition, MNR (Multi-process Noise Reduction) and Super Chroma Compensation (SCC) functions ensure both bright and dark areas are faithfully reproduced with minimum video noise and accurate colour reproduction even under low illumination. All cameras in the new 6 Series line-up offer exceptional sensitivity, delivering detailed colour video images in low light at less than 0.01lx illumination. For night recording or other zero lux situations, all 6 Series cameras include an advanced IR (infra red) illumination capability, providing clear images of human faces and clothing without the overexposure that is common in other IR security cameras.

A newly developed precision dome cover maintains distortion- free images through a wide range of tilt angles, further preserving picture quality at the point of capture. The 6 models feature Dual SDXC memory card slots that support high-capacity H.264/JPEG edge-recording with flexible record modes including alarm-recording and backup-recording upon network failure. Series 6 models are also capable of combining space on two cards for longer recordings or creating mirror copies for redundancy purposes. 

A new mechanical design, Auto Back Focus and Motorised Zoom (2.8-10mm) lenses allow for easy installation and a newly developed lens with aperture control function ensures that all models will achieve the focus in any environment.

SFV631L (1080/60p)              Outdoor vandal-resistant camera

SFV611L (720/60p)                Outdoor vandal-resistant camera

SFR631L (1080/60p)              Indoor vandal-resistant camera

SFR611L (720/60p)                Indoor vandal-resistant camera

SFN631L (1080/60p)              Indoor camera

SFN611L (720/60p)                Indoor camera

There’s a full review coming soon. 

Pana 6 Series 2

IP66 rating from any direction, including above. Special attention was paid to ease of installation


By John Adams


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