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Performance of Bosch Starlight Camera at SecTech Shootout, Perth

At SecTech Shootout in Perth the Bosch Starlight camera was disadvantaged by the fact the VMS took priority over the camera browser settings on initial handshake, leading to a much reduced bandwidth of 600Kbps compared to the 4Mbps of the other contenders in the Best Low Light and All-Rounder category.

The epic nature of the setup was such that there was insufficient time for all manufacturers to get a dry run before the demonstration that would have allowed techs to set the camera up in the VMS. We had a failure of administration. Simply, when camera settings are applied to a camera via its web browser, our VMS applies its default settings on the initial handshake with the camera on system startup – camera settings must be re-applied in the VMS.  

The result of the settings was motion blur highlighted by the Rotakin test unit that was removed at the end of the demo when the camera settings were applied to the VMS. The situation was exacerbated by an accidental reduction in the frame-per-second rate, which was running at 6fps.

Attendees should take these facts into account when considering overall performance of the cameras in the Best Low Light/All Rounder Group – there’s no doubt whatsoever that because of time constraints the Bosch Starlight was running at considerable disadvantage in our Perth demo.

Needless to say, in Adelaide (register here!) we’ll be doing a full run-through prior to the big demo and we look forward to seeing you there! ♦

By John Adams

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