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Perimeter Systems Data Protection

Perimeter Systems Data Protection

♦ Perimeter Systems Data Protection – Perimeter Systems Australia is in the process of installing an Intrepid MicroPoint II fence detection system to protect the facilities of a major data centre in Australia.

“Our client is a large data centre that requires optimal security to protect its multiple entry points across a very large site,” said Perimeter Systems Australia’s Charlie Michael.

Central to Intrepid MicroPoint II technology, operating power, system communications and alarm signals are all transmitted using a single, patented MicroPoint cable, simplifying installation

MicroPoint cable is a copper conductor with a protective sheath and a pulse is transmitted down the cable between centre conductor and braid. Any mechanical deflection of the sense wires causes a portion of the pulse to be reflected back to the receiver at 80 per cent the velocity of light.

The time delay between the onset of the transmitted pulse and the receipt of the pulse reflected from the deflected sense wires is a measure of the distance that the signal has propagated in the cable that can be used to establish how far away it is from the processing module within about 3 metres.

It’s the accuracy of this Free Format Zoning detection that allows the technology to ignore rain, hail and wind, because these impact on the whole fence line. Location information is used during calibration to automatically adjust the system sensitivity to account for variations in fence fabric in a process called Sensitivity Levelling.

Features of MicroPoint II include:

* Intrusion location to 3m
* Integrated power, data and detection
* Solves environmental nuisance alarm problems
* Sensitivity levelling for varying fence conditions
* Uniform detection along a fence
* Software controlled zoning.

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