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Q’s Visonic PowerMaster-30 G2

Q’s Visonic PowerMaster-30 G2

LET’S talk about the PowerG wireless technology supporting the PowerMaster-30 first. It’s highly secure AES-128 encrypted, frequency hopping spread spectrum set up as a 2-way synchronised TDMA wireless network to provide streamlined communication. There are 4 Mhz bands with hop frequencies ranging from 4 to 50. 
Transmission range is a serious 2000 metres line-of-sight while adaptive transmission power, determined by the system based on distance between device and panel and RFI, gives peripheral battery life up to an awesome 8 years. That’s a really good sales point.  
A key innovation of PowerG is having these technologies operate on non-rechargeable batteries while still keeping all devices connected and online. When used in residential or commercial security alarm systems, this combination of technologies delivers reliability and robustness. 
Additional features of the technology include support for 120 wireless devices, up to 64 zones, up to 32 keypads, 32 keyfobs, 8 sirens and 4 repeaters. 
Each system has 48 user codes, supports partitions, up to 2 wired zones, 1 wired siren and 1 programmable output, has a built-in PSTN dialer, as well as optional GSM/GPRS and ADSL internal modules. The event log stores 1000 events and there’s an optional proximity reader, a remote voice box and an extensive range of PowerG peripherals for every application.
The control unit of the PowerMaster is simplicity itself. There’s a single line LCD screen and the bare minimum of function keys located around the central numerical keypad. The reason Visonic can get away with this very basic design is the smarts hidden behind the scenes. 
There’s a special enrolment button on each device that makes enrolment a one-touch exercise. All devices are configured from the panel and there are no hardware switches and no requirement to pop open the sensors and other devices once they are set up. Making installation easier still are customised configuration templates that enable configuration of the devices collectively.
There’s a visible signal quality indication shown on each device that lets installers choose optimal locations with having to rush back the panel as they go through the process of mounting the sensors in the field. There’s also a powerful diagnostic tool that indicates RF link quality based on the previous 24 hours statistics and on-demand bi-directional measurements. These display immediate problems and enable verification of the installation during house setup. 
There are also powerful tools for central monitoring stations including remote enrolment and review of all system peripherals and initiation of remote walk tests with assistance from anyone in the house. There are also remote diagnostics of wireless connections and RF link quality for all system peripherals based on those same 24-hour stats and bi-directional measurements. 
Picking up distribution of this product is a nice win for Q. The PowerMaster-30 G2 has just won best product in the Intruder Alarm/Exterior Deterrent category of the IFSEC International Security Industry Awards. To put the product into its appropriate historical context, Visonic is the pioneer of wireless alarm systems and has been manufacturing RF alarm gear since 1973. It has 90 registered patents and 40 live patents currently under review. Check the new panel out on stand E38 at Security 2012. 

Fact file:

Visonic PowerMaster-30 G2 features include:
* 120 wireless devices
* Up to 64 zones, 32 keypads, 32 keyfobs, 8 sirens, 4 repeaters
* Optional GSM/GPRS and IP internal modules
* Remote configuration and diagnostics with system status
* All devices are configured from the panel
* SirenNet – Leverages smoke detector buzzers for all alarms
* 48 user codes
* Full partitioning.

“All devices are configured from the panel and there are no hardware switches and no requirement to pop open the sensors and other devices once they are set up”

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