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SecTech Camera Shootout: Dahua Bringing 48x PTZ To Sydney Shootout!

SecTech Roadshow Camera Shootout will see all the biggest CCTV brands going head to head including Mobotix, FLIR, Axis, Hikvision, Dahua, Uniview and Sony, Bosch, Panasonic, Pelco, Vivotek and Samsung.

SECTECH Roadshow (register here!) hits Sydney on May 4, Melbourne May 9, Brisbane May 11, Adelaide May 18 and Perth, May 23 and some more of the contenders at SecTech’s big Camera Shootout have been revealed. 

The camera groups include Best Low Light Cameras, Best Bullet Cameras and in Sydney only, PTZ Domes 30x or higher – in this category, Dahua will show its new 48x PTZ! The camera resolutions of low light and bullet cameras will be left open but we’ll be calling bitrate as we go – at this time, most the contenders are 1080p versions. 

When it comes to the general parameters of the shootout, we’ll be looking at performance in typical light, with back light, and in low light. Throughout these lighting conditions we’ll be paying attention to key parameters like motion blur, colour rendition, contrast, sharpness, flare and ghosting, latency, noise and noise suppression artefacts. We are especially interested in motion blur in optimum light, in unassisted low light (5-25 lux) and in night mode (sub 5-lux).  

Our test targets for SecTech will again be Norman (National Operational Requirement Mannequin), which includes a full colour graphic and accurately sized motor vehicle licence plate and SEN’s Rotakin, which rotates at 25rpm and gives an excellent sense of motion blur – if Ronnie looks blurry on screen, you can forget about face recognition and license plates. Something we are looking at in 2017 is getting a look at bullet cameras with integrated IR one at a time to get a sense of IR performance – this will involve some serious choreography.

The Contenders

We have entries in the shootout from manufacturers including Hikvision, Dahua, Panasonic, Sony, Bosch, Samsung, Flir, Pelco, Axis, Vivotek and Mobotix – here are some of the first to register – keep an eye out in SEN’s weekly EDM for the full list! 


Hanwha Wisenet X camera

Wisenet X camera series offers 150dB WDR performance and clear images in extreme low light conditions. A convenient USB port is also available for easy setup and installation. Key features include license-free audio and video analytics, dual SD card slot for increased onboard storage and image stabilization using gyro sensors. Wisenet X cameras also combine H.265 compression and WiseStream II, a complementary compression technology that dynamically controls encoding, balancing quality and compression according to movement in the image. Data reduction of up to 99 percent can be achieved with Wisenet X series cameras and analytics include audio analysis function that recognizes critical sounds, such as gunshots, explosions, screams, and broken glass, and then immediately issues an alarm. 


Pelco Optera Sectech BGWT May 2017

Pelco Optera 

Pelco’s Optera panoramic 12MP cameras with SureVision 2.0 WDR imaging technology offer the unparalleled ability to find and capture the necessary evidence to make critical, business-enabling decisions. The Optera Panomersive Experience delivers completely stitched, seamless and blended panoramic views without the disruption and distraction of disjointed sensor boundaries. Featuring 12 Megapixel resolution at up to 15ips, with electronic PTZ across the entire panorama for the highest-quality and most uniform image detail possible, Optera elevates both live and forensic scene analysis to a completely new level for today’s security professionals.

Pelco Spectra Enhanced Sectech BGWT May 2017 0

Pelco Spectra

Pelco’s New Spectra Enhanced high speed PTZ dome delivers Full HD 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second, SureVision 3.0 (130dB WDR), a full suite of built-in analytics, electronic image stabilization, single cable HPOE installation in all models, and much more. Featuring HD optimized dome bubble technology, a revolutionary solid pendant design to eliminate vibration noise, 20X or 30X optical zoom, and precise 360-degree PTZ control, Spectra Enhanced is setting the industry standard for HD image quality and video security performance.

DINION IP bullet 4000 and 5000 Original 22962

Bosch 5000 Bullet

Bosch’s IP 5000 day/night bullet camera is an IP66-rated 5MP bullet camera with a motorised, varifocal, IR-corrected, board-mounted 2.7-12mm F1.4 lens offering 32-100 degrees of viewing angle and 18-53 degrees of vertical angle. The motorized zoom lens has automatic focus adjustment with 1:1-pixel mapping to ensure the camera is always accurately focused. It works extremely well in the field. 
The camera has a 30m IR array comprising of 4 850nm LEDs. The sensor is a 1/2.9-inch CMOS and is claimed to offer minimum scene illuminations of 0.07 lux in colour, 0.05 lux in monochrome and 0 lux with IR activated. At sensible shutter speeds only the last figure is accurate and monochrome performance is considerably better than the .02 difference suggested when compared to colour in marginal light. Dynamic range is 76dB – that’s a modest number that belies the cameras true WDR capability. It does rather well in strong backlight.

Bosch 7000 HD Starlight

The 60ips Bosch NBN-71013-B DINION IP starlight 7000 HD Day/Night full body network camera features 720p resolution from its 1.4MP 1/3-inch 1312 x 1069 CMOS sensor. Dynamic range is 84dB, WDR is 100dB and with a fast F1.2 aperture, the camera is claimed to offer colour performance at 0.017 lux and monochrome performance at 0.0057 lux. 


Bosch’s MIC IP dynamic 7000 HD camera has an advanced PTZ platform that was designed using Bosch’s domain
expertise in material engineering, mechanical design, intelligent imaging, and video streaming. The camera complies to some of the toughest industry standards such as IP68, NEMA 6P, and IK10 for extreme mechanical strength and durability. The camera is designed using the latest technology in intelligent imaging and video streaming. Thanks to the intelligent coding and content-based imaging technology (CBIT), the HD module delivers high resolution
video, even under challenging light conditions at very low bit rates.

Aero4.jpg MR

Panasonic Aero

The Panasonit Aero PTZ delivers 1080p resolution at 60fps with a 30x optical zoom lens. The camera is IP67 rated, which means both water and dust proof and vandal proof to IK10 standards. The temperature range is -50 to +55C, which is strong for a PTZ, which has many more moving parts than a simple bullet or dome. The sphere pan-tilt mechanism allows endless 360-degree panning and there’s a +/- 90-degree tilt range. In addition, the super dynamic function ensures a wider dynamic range compared to conventional cameras. IR range is 150m – that’s solid.
Aero’s image sensor is a progressing scan 1/3-inch MOS type with an area of 5.346mm x 3.336mm. This sensor offers minimum scene illumination in colour of 0.06 lux at F1.6 with gain on high and shutter speed at 1/30th of a second and 0 lux in monochrome thanks to the IR LEDs. WDR is 105dB. The lens has a focal length of 4.3-129mm, giving a horizontal viewing between 64 and 2.3 degrees, while aperture is F1.6 wide open and closes down to F4.7 at the long end. 

Panasonic I Pro Extreme cameras Sectech May 2017

Panasonic i-Pro Extreme

Panasonic iPRO Extreme camera models feature H.265 smart coding (Long GOP, Auto-VIQS, Smart Face Coding), H.264 compatibility and mixed mode streaming, recording and viewing, auto image stabilization, secure communication, up to 4-stream simultaneous H.265/264 encoding, enhanced Super Dynamic 144dB at 30fps (depending on model), ultra-high sensitivity from 0.008 lux to 0.015 in color mode (depending on model), touchable Rain Wash Coating (outdoor models only) and built-in IR LED (up to 130 feet). 

Sony VB 640

Sony SNCVB640 

Sony SNCVB640 is part of the new V-series and offer double the visibility at minimum scene thanks to the Exmor R CMOS image sensor and XDNR noise reduction algorithms, and can maintain colour integrity at 0.1 lux in colour and 0.05 lux in monochrome. Using advanced imaging technology, Sony’s G6 cameras offer security professionals clear detail and higher visibility with excellent low-light sensitivity, which is ideal for a wide range of demanding applications, including city, transport and commercial surveillance.

Sony SNCWR632C 1080 PTZ

Sony’s SNCWR632C 1080 PTZ is a high-performance rapid dome network camera with IPELA ENGINE PRO delivering an extra-wide 130dB dynamic range at Full HD, frame rates as high as 60fps – double that of normal IP cameras – continuous 360-degree PTZ operation, with the industry’s fastest pan speed of 700°/s letting an operator quickly recall pre-set areas of interest in a single, seamless motion. A powerful 30x optical zoom offers wide area coverage, plus the ability to grab detailed close-ups without losing clarity.
Designed for dependable round-the-clock performance in demanding outdoor environments, the unitised camera can operate in temperatures from -40°C to +50°C on 24V AC power (-30°C to +50°C with HPoE+), and is IP66/IK10 rated to resist weather and unwelcome tampering by vandals. There’s Defog Image Processing and a gyroscopic image stabiliser.

SecTech Roadies comprise Camera Shootout sponsors Hills and Genetec, as well as Video Alarm Technologies, Honeywell Fire & Security. Bosch Security Products, LSC, CSD, Pelco, Video Security Products, C.R. Kennedy, Hikvision, ICT, Dahua, Mobotix, Tyco Security Products, BGWT, NX Witness and Q Security Systems. 

SecTech Roadshow puts together product and people in a relaxed and informal environment, with brilliant technology and masses of great prizes. We visit 5 cities in 2 weeks, drawing more than 1500 installers, integrators, consultants and end users to check out the latest electronic security solutions. Jump onto www.sectechroadshow.com.au and pre-register now! ♦

P.S. Stand by for more announcements in the SecTech Camera Shootout!

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