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Security 2012 Exhibition Product Preview

Security 2012 Exhibition Product Preview

THERE’s a bunch of new stuff coming at Security 2012 covering all areas of electronic security with plenty to see in key areas like surveillance cameras, access control solutions, video and security management platforms, alarm systems and comms solutions. 
First cab of the rank is Verint which will be showcasing Nextiva Video Management Software, a fully-integrated video management software suite incorporating an array of video management applications, from video viewing and distribution to system health monitoring and investigation management. 
Nextiva video management software applications are fully integrated with the Nextiva portfolio of networked IP video solutions, including the latest release of the Nextiva EdgeVR, an enterprise-class, IP-based Network Video Recorder designed for large-scale, geographically distributed operations. 
So, in which key ways do these solutions improve functionality for end users and enhance the installation experience for installers and integrators?
For a start, Nextiva Video Management Software (VMS) promotes a more proactive, effective approach to security and emergency management for more efficient operation and lower cost of ownership. It also features automated system health monitoring and event responses, investigation management, a software-based virtual matrix, interactive facility maps, a powerful and intuitive video viewing interface, and an ultra-thin client for remote/mobile users. 
Nextiva VMS not only addresses a variety of LAN/WAN/WEB networking topologies, but also includes such features as Active Directory integration, redundancy, virtualisation support (VMware Certified), and data security, making it an enterprise solution that IT stakeholders can effectively support. Nextiva EdgeVR, available with hybrid IP/analog capabilities, is a true IP video solution which more readily scales to IP video operations than analog-based, hybrid NVRs, for greater long-term value and lower migration costs.

“Mobotix will be showing its new S14 FlexMount, a high-resolution IP camera characterized above all by its miniature lens units with integrated microphone and huge range of application scenarios”

Meanwhile, Sony will be showcasing its award-winning Z-Series hybrid cameras. The Z-Series ability to simultaneously stream SD analog and HD IP video over coax is an industry first, and creates a new category of security products. It opens a pathway for those using coax-based analog legacy systems to begin a staged migration to IP adding HD imaging capabilities. 
The cameras are capable of image surveillance in high-resolution HD, and also offer advanced graphics processing functionality, such as improved visibility of images with light/ dark contrast through composition/ auto-correction. This supports analytics and intelligent motion detection. The analog component boasts virtually zero image transmission delay.
Sony’s hybrid Z-Series cameras are the first in the industry to be equipped with IPoC (IP over Coax) embedded media convertors allowing for the use of existing coaxial infrastructure environment to be used as is, saving resources as well as reducing installation costs. 
Dallmeier, which is distributed locally by C.R. Kennedy, is launching a completely new range of IP Solutions, known as SMAVIA (SMArt VIdeo Appliances). SMAVIA is a logical progression to Dallmeier’s 25 year of development in CCVT surveillance products. Customers and integrators can seamlessly choose between Hybrid hardware, or Software recording systems. 
Also on show for the first time will be the award winning Panomera HD camera system, uniquely capable of monitoring extremely large areas in real time HD. We saw demos of the unit last year but this time it’s the real thing. Panomera is an entirely new concept designed to cover large areas such as stadiums, car parks, etc. 
Open Platform Systems is going to be displaying the Genetec Security Center 5.1, which is the latest version of Genetec’s unified security platform. Version 5.1 extends the task-based approach to system configuration, provides additional upgrade flexibility with forward-backward compatibility and comes with a new health monitoring engine for real-time system health status updates, amongst many more. 
The user interface has also been enhanced with new in-tile controls including digital zoom, PTZ area control and timelines, and a new home page including lists of active or recent tasks, tools and favourites, and an advanced search engine. 
Synergis Master Controller is the new intelligent IP door controller designed to work with a variety of third-party reader and IO interface modules, including the most popular models from HID and Mercury. This new controller provides users with the benefits of open architecture such as greater flexibility and choice when implementing or upgrading to a true IP access control system.
Security Center Mobile allows organizations to equip their security personnel with Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Blackbery,and Android devices so they can connect back to their Security Center unified platform over any wireless network. 
In terms of improving functionality for end users and enhancing the installation experience for installers and integrators, OPS’ Kobi Ben-Shabat says that from a software perspective, what is important is to offer a very strong platform that covers the majority of the global market requirements with the ability to easily extend this platform to meet specific regional/local requirements. 
“This is how Genetec’s unified security platform, Security Center, is built with its unique task based architecture,” he explains. “In addition to all the tasks provided by the platform to operate and administer the system (view video, manipulate maps, monitor events/alarms, configure cameras, search for recorded video, etc.), partners have the ability to build their own custom tasks (video analytics forensic search, IP intercom, video wall, etc.) in order to meet specific system integration requirements, or to offer additional customer specific functionality.
“As well, the Security Center, Genetec’s unified security solution is the only user interface to offer a task-oriented approach to system management. This means security operators focus on one job at a time whether it be monitoring, configuring, reporting, etc., with tasks that group together related functionalities.” 
At Security 2012, Mobotix will be showing its new S14 FlexMount, a high-resolution IP camera characterized above all by its miniature lens units with integrated microphone and huge range of application scenarios. The S14 can be equipped with up to two module units that are each connected to the actual camera housing via a two-meter long cable.
Also on show will be the MX-GPS-Box which is a global world clock for MOBOTIX systems and can also send out an alarm in the event of a change of position. Also new is the MX-NPABox, which provides a PoE power supply for an outdoor camera and the A MX-232-IO-Box which has 2 outputs. 
Each of these can switch and supply power to an external relay. One of these can optionally also be used as a potential-free signal output. Especially cool, in my opinion, will be MxAnalytics for the powerful Q24 camera. MXAnalytics will include Heatmap, People Counting and Fully Automated Reports.
Merit LiLin will be showing off its new range of iMEGAPRO series of 2 and 3 MP IP cameras and NVR Touch, an industry first Touch-screen supported 1080P Real-time 16 channel standalone NVR as well as 2MP Megapixel 360-degree Panorama Dome Camera with 1.25mm/F2.0 lens with 4 analogue outputs and ePTZ.
Most megapixel cameras are known to perform poorly under low light conditions and Merit LILIN has spent many years perfecting a high performance MP camera range with exceptional performance in low light conditions. They are also designed to be easy to install and configure which allows even the diehard analogue installer to see where the future is heading and jump on board finding the transition from analogue to IP base camera system easy.
iMEGAPRO cameras feature Sense Up+ technology which successfully combats the key disadvantages of most other HD IP cameras; namely poor low light sensitivity and motion blur. Sense Up+ does not rely on frame integration so the problem of motion blur is eliminated. The iMEGAPRO series II range utilizes a highly sensitive 1080P CMOS sensor, capable of streaming stunning video at 30 FPS. Series III offers a 3MP at 15 FPS option. 
Each camera produces 4 independent video streams at a recording rate of up to 30FPS. The benefits associated mean different streams can be used for different applications, depending on the users requirements. For example, smaller files sizes can be optimized for mobile device viewing.
Further features include Region of Interest (ROI), where a designated area within a camera view can record at a higher FPS; e-Tour which enables a digital PTZ within the camera video stream; Weighted Mode where the video FPS on alarm is higher; IR illumination up to 60m; and alarm activation by motion, tamper, face and audio detection.
Each camera offers 8 privacy zones, PoE and uses LILIN’s outstanding GUI for user-friendly integration, configuration and operation. The entire iMEGAPRO range is ONVIF compliant and compatible with most leading CMS solutions.
Also at Security 2012 from Merit LiLin, the NVR Touch is designed to bring a new intuitive level of management of CCTV IP camera systems allowing the user the same touch screen control as popular smart phones and tablets.
HID Global will demonstrate its contactless and digital technology solutions that support users’ needs to create, use and manage secure identities at Security 2012.
The company will highlight the latest iCLASS Secure Identity Object-enabled (iCLASS SE) platform that enables the use of digital credentials on NFC smartphones while delivering increased functionality and unprecedented levels of security. 
In addition to the showcase of iCLASS SE platform, HID will demonstrate its FARGO HDP8500 Industrial Series Card Printer/Encoder, a superior high definition industrial ID printer for extended-run, high throughput credential personalization and issuance as well as its latest FARGO DTC1000M Monochrome Printer/Encoder, a cost-effective ID card issuance solution for organizations such as casinos, financial services firms, small businesses and retailers, as well as for temporary ID badge applications.

“Dallmeier, which is distributed locally by C.R. Kennedy, is launching a completely new range of IP Solutions, known as SMAVIA (SMArt VIdeo Appliances)”

With the advent of modular hardware solutions and a new, turnkey implementation strategy, these technologies allow agencies to establish a clear migration path from existing credentials, preserve investments in their existing physical access control infrastructure, flexibly support changing security requirements throughout their facilities, and enable cost-effective enhancements down the road. 
For instance, HID Global enables customers to install a combination of enhanced readers and FIPS 201 authentication modules that operate with other existing components in the current PACS infrastructure. This enables a flexible, turnkey solution that is easy to deploy and eliminates the need to acquire a complicated mix of expertise, technologies and suppliers in order to achieve compliance. Integrators can provide everything that agencies need to cost-effectively meet their needs.
Altech will have the world’s smallest IP Megapixel Network Dome camera at Security 2012 – teh FD8136 with a 90mm diameter. The FD8136 is a tiny camera with megapixel power and is barely noticeable in the field. Installation takes around 2 minutes.
Along with this you’ll see Altech’s new 5 Megapixel range of cameras – the IP8172, FE8172, FD8372, and IP8372. The 5 Megapixel range offers more detailed and bigger images for easy viewing and can cover a wider range of area, limiting the need for more cameras.
New player in fibre and communications Comnet, has a long list of new and functional solutions to signal transmission challenges. According to Comnet’s Tony Collichia, the migration to IP Video is in full swing, but we all know that sometimes there is a list of challenges often encountered to make it work seamlessly. To solve some of those challenges, ComNet has expanded its line of self-managed switches.
Last year, ComNet successful introduced the CNFE6+2USPoE, the first switch that allowed up to six 10/100Mbps IP streams be combined and forwarded optically to the next switch, PC or Ethernet connection. This unit features 2 optical ports for Drop and Insert capabilities. 
This year ComNet introduces two new products, the CNFE4+1SMS, a four port electrical with one optical port designed to forward the Ethernet data from four electrical ports through the optical FX port to the next switch. ComNet also introduces the CNFE4SMS that combines Ethernet data from 3 electrical TX ports be combined and forwarded through the fourth TX port to the next switch.
This family of self-managed switches offers management without the cost or user knowledge required for a managed switch. This port-configured Ethernet switch allows the user to create a virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) that manages the Ethernet data being transported, thereby preventing network flooding. All are pre-programmed and meets the IEEE 802.1x VLAN management standard. The ComNet SMS switch group is a cost-effective and easy way to add IP Video to a network and is designed for use in harsh environmental applications.
ComNet is also entering the high-performance video transmission market by introducing HDMI video over optical fiber. The ComNet FVT/FVRHDMI transmits a high-resolution HDMI signal over one multimode fiber up to 500 meters for the 1080p60 format. The FVT/FVRHDMI is capable of transmitting uncompressed high-resolution bi-directional communications with full HDCP copyright protection, EDID and CEC connection functionality. HDCP encryption is not affected or compromised by these units. It transmits pixel-for-pixel images with a full 24-bit scan rate with no picture degradation. This unit is fully compatible with all HDMI compliant devices and supports all sync configurations. 
Axis Communications is always one to watch at the show and this year the company introduces Camera Companion, an entry-level IP video solution for small installations. Consisting of a free software client and Axis network cameras or video encoders with SD-card support, the solution is designed for systems from 1 to 16 cameras. It is ideal for retail stores, offices, hotels or other small businesses that need easy-to-use and future-proof video surveillance with HDTV quality.
The new solution allows small business owners to use HDTV network cameras to help them clearly identify intruders, shoplifters and other incidents. Video can be viewed live and recordings played back from anywhere – on-site or remotely over the Internet. The system supports motion detection and pan/tilt/zoom control. Video clips and snapshots can be easily exported to colleagues and authorities, and the system supports third-party apps for viewing live and recorded video on leading smartphones and tablets, such as iPhone, iPad and Android.
Unlike analog surveillance installations, AXIS Camera Companion does not require a central recording device – a digital video recorder (DVR), network video recorder (NVR), or even a computer. The cameras are powered over the network, eliminating the need for separate power cables. All images are recorded onto a standard SD memory card in each camera, and even if a network fails, the cameras keep recording. This reduces cost, simplifies installation, and makes the system more robust as there is no single point of failure. 
There will also be new cameras from the likes of Avigilon, Arecont, Panasonic, Bosch and Samsung. On the access control side, Inner Range will be showing its new Integriti platform, now in successful beta testing. Along with Panasonic and its range of other camera brands, Pacific Communications will also be showing DVTel TruWitness, which picked up a best product award recently at ISC West. 

“Merit LiLin will be showing off its new range of iMEGAPRO series of 2 and 3 MP IP cameras and NVR Touch, an industry first touch screen supported 1080P real-time 16-channel standalone NVR as well as 2MP Megapixel 360-degree panorama dome camera”

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