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Sylo Cortex Integrated Public Security and Safety Solution: It’s Everything in One

CORTEX is a public safety, security and information unit for smart cities and campus applications that combines multiple capabilities into a single, sensory and communications unit, providing convenient access to services in an integrated system that is intelligent, responsive to environment and remote programming, or to local human touch.

Services and systems integrated into the Cortex unit are high speed free public Wi-Fi, audio monitoring, public phone, interactive way-finding, maps and guides, public safety CCTV system, streaming of news, information and advertising on multiple 55-inch displays, a payment system, small cell wireless, air quality monitoring, automated external defibrillator, emergency help point, public address, weather station, water dispenser, charging station for devices or battery-powered personal carts or wheelchairs.

“The purpose of this Australian-designed and built system is to integrate various, traditionally disparate public systems into a single robust structure and to then deliver these systems in a way that maximises access to services for citizens, reduces infrastructure spending for governments, and improves the efficacy and efficiency of public service delivery," said Sylo’s Mark Hartmann.

Mark Hartmann LR
Sylo's MD and Coretex designer, Mark Hartmann

“Cortex improves the health, safety and productivity of communities, and the vibrancy of urban areas by providing convenient, world-leading on-demand public amenities for free – including blitzing Wi-Fi, public access AED’s, rapid-charge stations, digital way-finding, streaming news and sparkling water,” he said.

If you are in charge of security and safety on campuses, in major sports grounds, shopping mall, or in public spaces, make sure you take a look at Cortex at SecTech Roadshow in Sydney this Monday, May 16 at Australian Technology Park between 12-6pm – it’s everything you’ve ever needed in a single, sleek, powerful unit. Register here for free parking! If you can't make the show, contact Sylo for more information on this solution.♦

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