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Telstra Silver Trak Digital 5G Video Direct

Telstra and media asset management specialists Silver Trak Digital will use their 5G Cinema Direct content delivery service to deliver the first ever live event for The Australian Ballet on March 24. As a result, content will be delivered live from the Melbourne performance of Don Quixote to select cinemas across Australia over 5G for the first time.


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Telstra Silver Trak Digital 5G Video Direct Highlights Potential Of 5G Video.

Telstra Silver Trak Digital 5G Video Direct – Telstra and Silver Trak Digital will provide video direct to cinemas using a 5G wireless broadcast system to provide what they say is Australia’s fastest, most robust and most secure delivery of video content over 5G.

While the development highlights its potential for live broadcast, this 5G technology shows potential to support live monitoring of multiple high-resolution video feeds in security applications, too.

In this case, Telstra and media asset management specialists Silver Trak Digital will use their 5G Cinema Direct content to deliver a live Australian Ballet performance of Don Quixote in Melbourne to multiple select cinemas across Australia.

The performance will be managed over Telstra’s Internet Delivery Network (IDN) using Telstra’s 5G technology and will deliver content via Telstra partner 5Stream Streaming Solutions.

Telstra Silver Trak Digital 5G

Telstra Silver Trak Digital 5G Video Direct

In order to fulfil the content delivery requirements for the event, Silver Trak Digital and Telstra will take the live production feed and distribute it to participating cinemas with the Cinema Direct 5g Content Delivery technology installed in real-time.

The Australian Ballet and Sharmill Films require Telstra, TBS, Silver Trak Digital and Cinema Direct to acquire, manage and guarantee delivery of a high definition 1080p/2k stream with a bitrate ceiling of approximately 20Mbps, into multiple cinemas simultaneously, with little to no technical expertise required by the cinemas themselves – they just plug their projector into an HDMI port.

The Cinema Direct 5G platform is also capable of delivering up to 4K DCI, 60 fps and HDR, as well as supporting multiple audio options.

The Cinema Direct platform is being rapidly deployed by Telstra, TBS and Silver Trak Digital, with over 200 cinemas to be connected across Australia in the next 2 months.

You can find out more about the service here and March 2023 Commswire Daily Newsletter.

“Telstra Silver Trak Digital 5G Video Direct Highlights Potential Of 5G Video.”

5th Generation of Mobile Network Technology

  • 2G brought us an SMS and picture messaging. 
  • 3G was all about mobile internet. 
  • 4G made streaming and sharing part of everyday life. 
  • 5G stands for the fifth generation and is the next leap forward in mobile network technology. 
  • Downloads that take seconds, not minutes. Seamless streaming. Real-time gaming. A future where devices are interconnected, and immersive experiences are the norm as with Telstra Silver Trak Digital 5G.

We still believe latency will not be as good as fibre.

What is 5G?

5G is the 5th generation mobile network. It is a new global wireless standard after 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. 5G enables a new type of network that is designed to connect nearly everyone and everything together including machines, objects, and devices.
5G wireless technology is meant to deliver higher multi-Gbps peak data speeds, ultra-low latency, more reliability, massive network capacity, increased availability, and a more uniform user experience to more users. Higher performance and improved efficiency empower new user experiences and connect new industries.

How fast is 5G?

5G is designed to deliver peak data rates of up to 20 Gbps based on IMT-2020 requirements. Qualcomm Technologies’ flagship 5G solution, the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ X65 is designed to achieve up to 10 Gbps in downlink peak data rates.
But 5G is about more than just how fast it is. In addition to higher peak data rates, 5G is designed to provide much more network capacity by expanding into the new spectrum, such as mmWave.
5G can also deliver much lower latency for a more immediate response and can provide an overall more uniform user experience so that the data rates stay consistently high—even when users are moving around. And the new 5G NR mobile network is backed up by a Gigabit LTE coverage foundation, which can provide ubiquitous Gigabit-class connectivity.

How to obtain 5G?

5G Home Internet is a product currently available through Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, TPG and some smaller providers like SpinTel. As mentioned above, it’s intended to replace your fixed-line broadband connection with a 5G modem that connects to the next-generation mobile network.

What happens to 3G and 4G?

Don’t panic. 3G and 4G are not disappearing anytime soon. If you don’t have a 5G phone, that’s fine. You can still access super-fast and extensive 4G coverage on the Telstra network until you’re ready for a new 5G device.
The 3G network will be decommissioned in 2024.

Is 5G safe?

We’ve done extensive EME testing on our 5G and have found the EME levels to be similar to 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi.  
The EME levels measured were found to be well below the safety limits, and in many cases, over a thousand times lower. We continually monitor our network and the ACMA conduct EME compliance audits. Independent health authorities require us to meet their safety standard so that you can use this technology safely.

Where is 5G available?

We have rolled out more than 4,200 5G sites across the country. Right now, we’re in selected areas of more than 400 cities and regional towns across Australia – more than any other network.

But wireless services always have high latency?

Latency is all about response times. It’s the delay between transmitting and processing instructions on network devices. Low latency equals better performance with closer to real-time response – great news for gamers, driverless cars and mission-critical industrial automation.

Is downloading faster?

You can download movies, music, audiobooks and apps faster than ever before on Telstra 5G. Even when you’re on the go. Uploads are more efficient on 5G too – get your files and posts where they need to be, fast.

How it the capacity of 5G?

Smartphones and the booming Internet of Things mean that data traffic on Telstra’s network is growing more than 40 per cent each year.
The network is like a busy traffic-filled freeway. 5G relieves congestion by adding lanes in the form of spectrum bandwidth. This increased capacity leads to faster data speeds and better performance – especially in crowded areas.

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