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UniFis New Movie Trailer

UniFis New Movie Trailer

UNIFI Mobile CCTV Camera Trailer is a very solid solution, indeed. The folks at UniFi don’t seem to have left anything out here – so much so, the name CCTV Camera Trailer is a bit of misnomer, really. This solution does a great deal more.
Obviously, the key function is video surveillance and the UniFi can carry a selection of cameras on its 9 metre mounting pole giving elevated local or long range vision. Getting cameras up above the ground makes a big different to camera performance and you can see how effective it would be in external applications where vehicles, undulating topology or industrial equipment prevented horizontal views. 
The applications of this unit are manifold, whether it’s local monitoring at an event or location or monitoring a high-value installation remotely using wireless communications like 3G or satellite uplinks. From the point of a reviewer, this solution is so flexible and multi-faceted that condensing a description into a single paragraph is difficult. 
For a start, the trailers have an integral NVR recorder that records images locally and can be accessed globally by any authorised network device. A client allows viewing of live footage and recording at the client end. It’s also possible to hand over recording to a third party control room while retaining simultaneous authorised access. Depending on the application – let’s say there’s a guard force in support of the surveillance systems – WiFi allows local wireless connection using PDAs or other smart RF devices. 
When it comes to video capability, UniFi deploys HD and megapixel cameras on its mounting pole and these cameras can be domes or fixed. There’s a ‘nest’ configuration at the top of the telescopic pole on the trailer the standard nest being a pair of 5 Megapixel infrared sensitive HD cameras and one PTZ HD camera.
If you need more power still, then 16-megapixel Avigilon cameras along with high-powered telescopic lenses can be fitted for special long range applications. These awesome cameras have the highest resolution possible for monitoring in detail, offering huge monitoring and recording areas with an equivalent resolution of over 50 VGA cameras. 
Special too, UniFi is able to apply long-range thermal imaging solutions for the security and surveillance sector with extensive detection capabilities. According to UniFi, the systems aboard the trailer can provide for man-sized target detection at nearly 17km, with identification at 3km in good conditions. ID at 3km is a big call and it part of what makes this such a special solution. 
To light up fields of view during motion activation at night the CCTV trailers are fitted with powerful LED flood lights. The flood lights can be remotely turned on and off by control room operators, or via client PC’s, to assist in providing clear identification of any would-be offenders. The flood lights may also be used for emergency situations when required at the trailer location.
For effective remote monitoring and response, communications is the key and the cameras transmit images over 100BASE-TX using JPEG2000 progressive compression technology to achieve the lowest network bandwidth and what UniFi calls the most efficient image storage in the industry.
Handling remote monitoring and system management duties is the Avigilon Control Centre software platform – a solution widely respected in the market and especially polished to handle the HD and megapixel image streams in standard network pipes. Avigilon’s management is designed to allow simultaneous multi-user access. 
Thanks to High Definition Stream Management (HDSM), UniFi’s Avigilon management system can deliver full situational awareness and indisputable detail, leading to faster response times, reduced investigation times, and superior overall protection. 
Combining audio with video is a smart idea with remote monitoring and all the UniFi CCTV Trailers are fitted with VOIP-controlled PA speaker systems that enable security control room operators to not only verbally warn off intruders but also allow two-way verbal communications back to our control room in emergency situations. This is a neat feature that increases the power of UniFi’s product.

Support systems

Ok – so know we know UniFi trailers are packing plenty of surveillance punch but that’s just the start. Each CCTV Trailer boasts outdoor, infrared motion detection sensors that covering area around them. When movement is detected, an alarm is triggered, and footage is transmitted immediately back to a monitoring control room, client’s PC or compatible handheld mobile device for response action.
These rugged sensors can be programmed to be active for an period during the day or night. They have signal processing for enhanced bird and animal immunity and the detection parameters can also be altered to enable greater overall detection capabilities for slow moving, fast moving and crawling intruders.
The VOIP PA speaker system may be used by operators to communicate warnings to intruders or in the event of an emergency, for evacuation warnings, general public notifications or even audio advertising media. 
The 2-way voice comms is handled by VOIP software and also allows on-site individuals to speak directly to control room operators. Should an emergency situation occur on-site, any individual can press the HELP button, which is clearly identified on the CCTV Trailer, and it will put them in direct communication with a control room operator who, in turn, can direct emergency services to the location.
UniFi CCTV Trailers are also fitted with GPS tracking systems which can be used to identify and monitor CCTV Trailer locations so control room operators to direct emergency services to specific GPS co-ordinates in any crisis situation which may occur in remote areas.
Another neat addition to UniFi trailers is Radar Guns that can be fitted to our CCTV Trailers’ telescopic masts to monitor vehicle speed movements. A passing vehicle can be captured on high definition video along with its speed. This can be used as evidence to provide cautions, along with reviewing general traffic in specific localities under investigation. The radar guns are regularly calibrated by State Police authorities to ensure precision accuracy.
When combined with UniFi’s Variable Message Sign (VMS) board application, which is able to project and display a vehicles’ on-coming speed, the CCTV Trailer becomes a powerful tool in slowing the movement of vehicles. 
Along with this capability there’s license plate recognition. A UniFi trailer is able to fit single and multi-lane LPR cameras. Optimised for all lighting conditions, there’s a range of LPR cameras, factory-focused and calibrated with up to a 30m range. With post-incident plate searches, software is able to import and monitor watch lists and provide instant email, SMS or screen alarm alerts. 
While UniFi’s CCTV Trailers are specifically designed to allow any security control room, stand-alone Client PC or other third party 
to monitor the trailers there’s also in-house secure monitoring provisions. Unified Security Group has invested significant resources into the development, and on-going management, of its high-tech and secure control room which is manned 24hrs a day, 365 days a year.
The control room also provides a national 24hr Emergency Contact Hotline, which is used to provide both our Clients, and staff, with peace of mind and assurance that support is just around the corner. That support comes from Unified’s national fleet of Mobile Patrol and Alarm Response vehicles, which operate 24hrs per day, 7 days a week and is co-ordinated by our experienced and professional Control Room operators. 
One of the significant differences between existing units currently on the market to those being introduced by UniFi, is their true autonomous use of 100 per cent solar powered technology. These CCTV Trailers are self-sufficient in operation for months on end, without human interaction or mains power connection. Existing competitor models (including those with basic short-term solar applications) require diesel generators for power, which necessitates continuous re-fuelling and onsite reconfiguration. 
In addition to numerous trailer anti-theft measures, some of which 
include removable drawbars, dual-locking doors, tamper alarms, blue 
flashing strobe lights and wheel clamps, UniFi employs GPS GeoFence software, which activates an alarm if the trailer is moved. 
Each trailer is also equipped with a St John’s Occupational ‘A’ First Aid Kit, 2.1kg Powder Fire Extinguisher, and  a 1.2 x 1.8Mtr Fire Blanket. The equipment is accessed through a highly identifiable box that is attached to the trailer for use in emergency situations. Additional equipment such as safety cones and free standing signs can also be provided upon request.
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