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Vitag Installs CEM AC2000 into Farmers

Vitag Installs CEM AC2000 into Farmers

CEM Systems’ CEM AC2000 SE (Standard Edition) security management system has been selected to secure a chain of fashion department stores in New Zealand. The stores are part of New Zealand owned Farmers Trading Company. The AC2000 SE system will be installed by CEM Approved Reseller, Vitag Security Solutions Ltd.
“The CEM AC2000 SE was selected to meet Farmers’ requirements as it has been successfully installed at sites throughout the world where security really matters,” said Andrew Fulton, business development director for CEM Systems.
“As a new CEM Approved Reseller, Vitag has been fully trained and accredited to install CEM products throughout New Zealand. We are delighted to be part of this prestigious and innovative security project.”
Established in 1969, Farmers employs 4000 and has a total of 65 retail stores across New Zealand, with one large distribution centre in Auckland and a 23-floor office block, the Morrison Kent Tower, in Wellington.
To secure and protect its stores, Farmers required an IP security management system that could be installed at remote sites and with maximum efficiency to minimise the requirement for cabling and power supplies. Farmers also required the system to be linked with a company-owned office block in Wellington, where 23 office floors would be fitted with lift and door control.
The system needed to facilitate monitoring of sites by Farmers’ own dedicated security team in the Auckland Distribution Centre via its own Secure IP network. With full integration to an American Dynamics DVR (Intellex) the team can also review CCTV footage within the access control GUI.
Also integrated is the DSC alarm system. Farmers’ operators have the ability to arm and disarm the alarm system via a virtual keypad integrated into the CEM AC2000 Software. They can also view each site remotely and have any event tagged to video, enhancing staff safety.
In addition, the Farmers’ solution needed to be able to support multiple reader types based on the level of security required at each controlled door. To meet this requirement a selection of CEM S610e IP card readers and CEM PoE Plus 2-door controllers were installed.
The CEM eDCM 330 2-door controller utilises CEM Power over Ethernet Plus technology to power readers and heavy duty maglocks on two doors, using a single Ethernet network cable. This created sizable cost savings on the Farmers project as it eliminated the need to fit mains power supplies above each door.
The CEM PoE+ solution can reliably deliver up to 2 Amps to power an entire door set, including access control readers, heavy duty maglocks and associated items, all over one CAT 5/6 Ethernet cable. This is a powerful feature that reduces installation costs significantly. CEM was the first to introduce a PoE+ access control solution to the market in 2007.
CEM S610e IP card readers are also installed on critical doors throughout Farmers department stores. S610e readers feature LCD screens to provide staff with instant feedback on the system such as ‘Wrong TimeZone’, ‘Card Expiring’. With the added benefit of a keypad staff can also enter PIN codes for additional security. The S610e reader offers the highest level of reliability as it features an internal database for offline card validation. This means that should communication be temporarily lost with the host AC2000 server, staff can still validate cards using the card records stored in the reader’s internal memory.
The CEM AC2000 SE system offers Farmers a powerful and fully integrated security management system with a host of security applications that enhance site operations such as the CEM AC2000 AED (Alarm Event Display) application for central monitoring of the system. AC2000 AED provides a dynamic graphical representation of transactions and events from the various department stores and when actually they occur in real-time.
The application can be used to acknowledge alarms, generate detailed reports and trace card holder movements through the system as well as be used as a single user-friendly front end for the integration of video systems.
A major factor in Farmers’ decision to install AC2000 SE was that its existing American Dynamics CCTV system could be easily integrated into CEM AC2000 AED (Alarm Event Display) workstations,” said Ric Van Weede, director, Vitag Security Solutions.
“As an integrated real-time solution, Farmers will have a central view of what’s going on during alarm activation with associated CCTV video linked to access control alarms.”
To provide extra security for tenants in the office block in Wellington, CEM S9032 Lift Control solution was chosen. Access to most office floors is by card only using the CEM AC2000 system. Following the initial installation of the AC2000 SE system at selected department stores, future plans are in place to roll the AC2000 SE system throughout the Farmers 65 retail outlets in New Zealand.
According to CEM Systems Scott Whitehead, in terms of system layout the central server is located at the Auckland distribution centre. Using Farmer’ corporate network, all readers and alarm devices are connected to this network and assigned IP addresses and gateways as required to fit in with the network.
“All doors are connected using PoE+ technology which allows for the network cabling to deliver enough power to power the magnetic locks at each door,” Whitehead explains.
“The initial site to be installed was an hour-and-a-half drive from Auckland. With the ability to have a mobile workstation via laptop we were able to program and test locally while the main server was in Auckland. With the initial site installed, the system then expanded to include the Morrison Kent tower in Wellington. This included 50 doors and 5 lifts.
“Again, PoE+ was employed to the doors and the installation only required a standard IP cable to each lift controller,” Whitehead explains. “The time and money saved from not using local power supplies was also a key selling point. Less overall equipment was required for the project. Ultimately all Farmers’ stores will be included in the upgrade across the country.
“Cabling to 23 floors in an old building was always going to be the difficult part, however with the technology employed by CEM and the use of PoE+, this was no longer the problem that traditional access control systems presented,” he says. “Single cable to each local 2-door controller and locks connected to these controllers locally, reduced installation time significantly”
According to Whitehead, staff from TSP/CEM provided support and training and Vitag provided the labour to install and program the system, though some cabling works were completed by others.
“A maximum of 2 people at any one time were able to install the system but no customisation of the standard software required. Additionally, there was AED and integration to bring together the DSC alarm panels and the American Dynamics CCTV systems already in use.
“Vitag also provided the end user training,” he explains. “CEM/TSP trained Vitag who then trained the customer. This has proven to be very successful and staff love the system’s ease of use. Ongoing training has been planned as part of the support strategy and also includes training on new features implemented in the system”
According to Vitag’s Van Weede, support from CEM Systems was excellent.
“As with any system a few very minor issues arose during setup and commissioning/installation. CEM support was outstanding from both the integrator and customer’s point of view”

“The CEM AC2000 SE was selected to meet Farmers’ requirements as it has been successfully installed at sites throughout the world where security really matters”
Andrew Fulton, business development director, CEM Systems
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