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ACT Prison Seeks Maintenance and Support For Electronic Security System

THE ACT Government is seeking integrators for the maintenance and support of its electronic security systems at the 300-bed Alexander Maconochie Centre and has released an REOI as stage 1 of a proposed 2-stage process. 

The purpose of this REOI is to select qualified suppliers from which a contractor will be contracted by the Territory. Following the initial REOI process, the Territory proposes to invite those respondents who have met the assessment criteria of this REOI, to participate in a request for tender process for the purpose of selecting a suitably qualified contractor to enter into a contract with the Territory for the performance of the services.

The Alexander Maconochie Centre was designed as a multi-role facility and provides full-time detention facilities so that prisoners who would previously have been held in New South Wales correctional facilities may be held locally in the ACT. Accommodation includes cell blocks, domestic style cottages, a medical centre and crisis support unit, a 14-bed management unit and a transitional release centre. Male, female, remand and sentenced detainees from low to high security classifications are accommodated. The idea is to reform prisoners, so that they can return to a normal life after their sentence is over.

The AMC is the first prison in Australia that was purpose-built to meet human rights obligations. It was designed with environmental principles in mind and includes initiatives such as below-ground fresh water storage, grey water recycling for toilet flushing and irrigation, solar hot water and high grade building insulation. The prison can hold 300 prisoners. It is organised as a campus, with accommodation cottages around a town square that contains common facilities. There is a health building, admissions building, education building, a library and a visiting centre. The prisoners are expected to construct their own gymnasium. It is located on the Monaro Highway in Hume.

The initial REOI closes on August 25, 2016.♦


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