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Victoria Police Seeking Mobile App To Deliver Real Time Intelligence

Victoria Police is seeking a mobile application and ongoing managed service that allows real time information to be provided to police officers in the field.

The new mobility solution will equip frontline police members with handheld mobile devices to promptly access the capabilities they require in the field and mitigate some of the inherent risks of policing to Victoria Police members and the public. The solution will significantly increase the ability of Victoria Police to deliver timely, relevant, and up-to-date information to and from police in the field.

The object of the system is that it will provide frontline police members with immediate access to accurate information to ensure they can be responsive to reports of crime and the victims of crime; reduce reliance on station-based administrative processes, increase police mobility and efficiency, and help keep frontline police in the community; and will enable more informed, efficient, visible, and responsive policing to improve crime detection and prevention.

New Victoria Police HQ
Victoria Police' planned new HQ

The RFT is seeking a tenderer to provide and manage the following aspects of the service:
* Provision of a mobile platform (including devices, network, mobile device management, mobile environment, security)
* Build of front-end mobile technology applications
* Project management and implementation of application functionality, as well as integration of services to the mobile API Gateway
* Ongoing service / operational management and support of the mobility solution, including logistical support
* Provision of the necessary experience, capability and skillsets to support the deployment of a transformational mobility solution within a policing / law enforcement environment
* A commitment to innovation and partnership throughout the life of the agreement with Victoria Police.

A briefing will be held on 3rd August at 1:00pm at Victoria Police Centre. The RFT closes on September 7, 2016. ♦


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