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Aritech DD1012AM Dual Techology

ALONG with Aritech’s patented mirror optic PIR technology, these motion sensors incorporate UTC Fire & Security’s patented range-gated radar technology which allows installers to define a clear border to the sensor’s radar range. 
It works because the sensor is clever enough to use its radar to measure the distance between its detection mechanism and moving objects and the result is a sensor with all the awesome sensitivity of radar yet with no nuisance alarms generated by events outside the target area. 
The DD1012AM has 4 dip-switch selectable radar ranges and this means installers can set the sensor to best conform to the room in which it’s installed. Aritech’s radar technology runs at a frequency of 5.8GHz so there’s no chance it will interfere with wireless networks.  
Meanwhile, the DD1012AM also features a dual element pyroelectric element generating 2 volumetric curtains for each of the sensor’s 9 curtain sets. The company’s patented optical mirror technology gives the advantage of gliding focus, which creates a continuous detection curtain from floor level to installation height. The gliding mirror design gives complete coverage of an entire scene – there are none of the holes you get with low cost PIRs whose lenses are designed to split pyro sensitivity into zones or beams of detection. 
Standard PIR lenses can create lanes of sensitivity that might be just a few inches wide but many metres apart at the extremities of a sensor’s detection range. In comparison, Aritech’s mirror optics covers every single part of the scene in view with such accuracy that it’s possible to use supplied masks to cover particular areas. 
The design of Aritech’s mirrored lenses also allows the reflected IR in the target area to be compensated for on the basis of range. That means the voltage generated at the pyro by an intruder is identical whether the person is standing 2 metres from the sensor or 12 metres from it. And this sense of perspective allows speed of movement to be compensated for with perfect accuracy, too. 
Radar and PIR technologies work together to generate alarms based on what both see in their detection zone but it would be a mistake to think this is a simple AND function. Instead the DD1012AM’s microprocessor classifies the input signals from each technology so has to get the best alarm result without being so sensitive it suffers from nuisance signal sources. Just as important, Aritech’s dual technology creates uniform sensitivity in all source directions. 
Helping installers with easier installations there’s a plug-in connector, multiple end-of-line resistor values with easy wiring options, limited loss of vision when objects intrude into PIR vision thanks to the curtain detection.
Because there are both radar and active IR technologies used in the sensor, this unit features both external and internal supervision. Radar verification prevents insect alarms and in the event of masking or partial masking, an AM alarm is held until the mask is removed.
Fact file:
* Patented selectable range-gated radar technology
* Dual element pyroelectric sensor with mirror curtain optics
* Anti-masking variant uses radar to protect sensor
* Intelligent alarm decisions based on signal classification
* Automatic continuous self diagnosis 
* Green mode switches radar off when system is disarmed
* Complies with EN50131-2-4 Grade 3
* Mounting height: 1.8-3m, viewing angle 78 degrees
* Anti-pry tamper.

“The DD1012AM’s microprocessor classifies the input signals from each technology so has to get the best alarm result without being so sensitive it suffers from nuisance signal sources”


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