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Best Ever Video Compression Claimed

Synergetic recently acquired the Advent security system, which features a digital algorithm which allows data compression far beyond anything else on the market.

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With compression as low as 0.5KB/frame, users can store over 90 days of DVD Quality and High Definition surveillance on one hard drive. With bandwidth requirements as low as 14.4Kb per second, users have the ability to monitor live streaming video and audio anywhere they have access to the Internet (including PDAs or mobile phones).

The implication of this technology provides the end user with the ability to monitor up to 48 video cameras with one screen. The technology is capable in allowing users to view security cameras from cell phones or PDAs using streaming video anywhere in the world.

The system can monitor any location including a home, office or business from any other location and get real time digital quality video streaming into a hand held receiver. The user can load the software onto most PDAs or mobiles for increased mobility.


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