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Bioterror Sensor That Works Like Smoke Detector

BAS Biological Alarm Systems Ltd has developed BAS101, a selective and compact alarm system for the continuous rapid detection of biological hazards in public places. The proprietary BAS101 is a fully automated, real-time biological agent detection system that performs on-line air monitoring in a cost effective and efficient manner, with minimal operating costs. Networked or operated as a stand-alone point detection system, BAS101 allows for better protection against, and management of, a biological attack. The BAS101 system is stationed on-site for continuous monitoring and is designed to work like a “smoke detector”, but for pathogens. This early-detection, real-time system is targeted mainly for civil applications, in which the public is at high risk of exposure to covert releases of bio-agents, such as office complexes, convention centers, train stations, airports, malls, underground subways, schools and hospitals, and as part of a monitoring network for urban areas and major gatherings. BAS101 is fast, selective, has a high degree of sensitivity and works continuously. It is compact, only weighs 3-4 kgs, with short response time and low maintenance. BAS will be establishing beta sites for BAS101 with a leading international air carrier, at a shopping mall and in a large hospital.


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