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CBC sets up local office

The CBC range has some standouts solutions to go with its analog range of Ganz
video surveillance gear including VSoIP network surveillance, Radar Activated
Surveillance and Thermal Vision equipment.

“My role is to go out and get the
product recognized and to support distributors here in Australia,” says Wazir.
“The other part of the role is raising the profile of some of the high end
equipment Ganz manufactures that does not really have any competition in Australia.

“The Radar Activated Surveillance system
detects movement at ranges up to 800 movement and each Radar unit will support
up to 5 PTZs – when movement is detected by the Radar it will instruct the
cameras to pan, tilt and focus on it.”

Wazir says the market is not well
acquainted with Ganz’s high end surveillance solutions but he says they have
functionality that no other systems can offer.

“This stuff is unique,” says Wazir. “I’m
certain the market is going to find this equipment of real interest in their
high end surveillance applications.”


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