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Crow Freewave Wireless From iTech

The proprietary Freewave signal decoding technology has been enhanced by the addition of a gaussian filter circuitry, which through its pulse shaping capabilities, greatly reduces environmental noise (spectral width), which allows the true RF signal to be ‘heard’ substantially louder (greater signal to noise ratio) in a noisy environment. 
This technique also allows for the true signal to be transmitted at lower levels which also increases battery efficiency. The total result is a much greater, more stable and more reliable RF operating range, typically providing 200m+ RF range in an open air environment. The FW2 transceiver is also compatible with the standard (single directional) Freewave 9F gear. This allows existing Runner systems with Freewave 9F (916.5MHz) wireless to easily be upgraded.  
Distributor: iTech Security 
Contact: +61 (0)3 9580 0730


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