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SafePods for Internet Explorer is a pending patented technology that is not an anti-virus tool, not a firewall, not an anti- spyware tool, and does not ask the user any security questions. “We wanted to create a real, out of the box solution, one that would allow users to be secured, be free and manage less. This is what SafePods for Internet Explorer is all about,” explained Mark Wright, chief engineer of Computers In Motion. “It passively terminates commercial espionage, Trojan horses, spyware, viruses, etc – In fact it makes them all irrelevant, while the organization doesn’t lose its connectivity, productivity yet reduces its TCO.” Operating SafePods for Internet Explorer is simple and effective, the technology is designed to support an “install-and-forget” working mode, hence there are no configuration requirements, and there is no need to manage SafePods for Internet Explorer. When the Internet Explorer environment is damaged, the user can simply click on the WIPE CLEAN button and the Internet Browser is ready for use again. There is no need to backup the infected PC or send a technician. A Trial Beta 2 version of Computers In Motion’s SafePods for Internet Explorer is available for download at: https://www.ComputersInMotion.com


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