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Genetec Unveils Citigraf Public Safety Support System

GENETEC will unveil Citigraf, a new public safety decision support system, created for citywide law enforcement and public safety agencies this week. 

Citigraf collects and manages information provided by integrated CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) systems, CCTV footage, ALPR data, RMS (record management systems) and more, to immediately identify and display the exact location of an event using icons on a map from a built-in geographical information system (GIS). 

Thanks to a collaborative integration with gunshot detection technology, response teams can be notified with a gun icon, a map location and nearby cameras when a gunshot has been detected. 

With this combined information, Genetec Citigraf, distributed in Australia by Hills, provides rapid and actionable alerts to help law enforcement gain control of a mission to potentially stop crimes and save lives. ♦

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