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Geutebruck Pacific Leverages Very Old Hardware

SHITBOX Rally is an innovative car race started 5 years ago in Australia that has since raised $A4 million for cancer research and recently expanded to include New Zealand. This year, 75 teams headed to the starting line on mid-February, including Geutebruck Pacific’s "Super Nut Jobs" team.

“The Shitbox Rally is quite simply a fun event,” said Anthony Brooks, CEO of Geutebruck Pacific. “I love the idea that this extraordinary race raises money for cancer research.”

Geutebruck team

The Shitbox Rally concept is that each team of 2 people buys a vehicle, which must not cost more than $A1000 – hence the name ‘shitbox’ – Antipodean vernacular for a beat-up car. Before the race, the vehicles are auctioned between the teams and the team that has collected the most money leading up to the race wins the best vehicle. Geutebruck Pacific’s Super Nut Jobs team collected the most donations for Cancer Research with $NZ20,000 and is considered the favourite to win the race.

The Shitbox Rally lasts 9 days, starting in Auckland. The route leads over the entire North Island of New Zealand: past beaches, volcanoes, mountain passes and rugged trails. After the rally the vehicles are sold, and these proceeds also go to cancer research.♦


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