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GSA Fast Tracks Dahua Installation

GSA Fast Tracks Dahua Installation Of 2245 Intercoms.

GSA Fast Tracks Dahua Installation Of 2245 Intercoms.

GSA Fast Tracks Dahua Intercom – GSA has fast tracked the Southern Hemisphere’s largest ever Dahua intercom installation with GSA’s services team halving installation times on site thanks to in-house pre-configuration services.

The project, which consisted of 2245 intercoms, 43 lift controls, associated switches and hardware, supported by off-site pre-programing and configuration services, has been supplied by GSA to a third-party integrator for installation in a large Melbourne apartment complex.

“By managing the system designing, labelling and individual unit programming off-site, on behalf of the integrator, GSA was able to save the installation team at least a month of work, halving project delivery time,” said Kai Pang, GSA’s technical lead for the program.

“A new system was needed to replace outdated and broken technology in the building, as well as to address security concerns that had been identified in the old set-up.”

GSA Fast Tracks Dahua Installation 8
GSA Fast Tracks Dahua Installation 6

GSA Fast Tracks Dahua Installation

The need for the new system arose after vulnerabilities were identified in the building’s pre-existing intercom system. The pre-existing system was found to be unstable and could only support audio.

The exising system also presented several challenges for building management, which was unable to monitor the security infrastructure of all 4 apartment towers from 1 location.

This new system eliminates concerns regarding the previous system’s privacy and security. The vulnerability, which was identified during a security penetration test, highlighted weaknesses in the older intercom network that presented privacy concerns for residents of the building.

The new system supplied by GSA was chosen for its reliability and the efficiency of scale for such a large project. The solution needed to meet stringent quality requirements, while also being accessible, modern and professional looking; to match the overall aesthetic of the building. The end user also needed a robust solution that would be vandal proof and could withstand frequent and heavy use.

Dahua intercom 4 LR
GSA Fast Tracks Dahua Installation 7

Truman Zhang, Dahua Oceania Region MD, said the DHI-VTH2421F-P intercom model was the perfect choice for this project.

“We provided this project with both software and hardware products that meet the end user’s needs for equipment upgrade and centralised online management,” Zhang said.

“Dahua’s customised VTH (indoor) monitor and VTO (exterior) station firmware saves the hardware costs of upgrading the intercom system. The lift controller is perfectly compatible with the existing access control system to prevent unauthorised entry, and Dahua DSS Pro enables the building management team to respond to emergencies in a timely manner and efficiently manage devices in different locations.”

GSA Fast Tracks Dahua Installation 6
GSA Fast Tracks Dahua Installation 8

Glenn Opray, GSA Systems’ director, said the success of this project can be attributed to clear teamwork and GSA’s careful planning.

“There was a large amount of pre-planning done in-house to make sure the project ran smoothly on site – the integrator averaged roughly a tower per week,” Opray said.

“Our technical team pre-programmed and then hand labelled each of the 2000 plus units with their corresponding switch port to ensure that the equipment could be rapidly deployed on-site when the time came.”

GSA Fast Tracks Dahua Installation 9
GSA Fast Tracks Dahua Installation 9

The finished system, which includes central management functionality stored on a single server, ensures all 2245 intercoms and 43 lift panels can be seamlessly controlled from a central location within the building. This feature enhances and streamlines operations for the complex. With the complete system now functional, feedback from the building’s residents has been exceedingly positive.

“I love the new system, it looks really professional, it’s easy to use and it gives me peace of mind knowing my family and I are living in a secure building,” said Cherry, a resident of the building. “There was minimal disruption on site when the changeover happened, and it’s been a really easy transition for us.”

You can find out more about GSA here or read more SEN news here.

GSA Fast Tracks Dahua Installation Features:

  • 7-inch colourful TFT capacitive touch screen 1024 x 600 pixels
  • IPC surveillance
  • Alarm integration
  • High performance & cost-effective
  • Support 8GB SD card
  • Support standard PoE
  • Loudspeaker, dual-way bidirectional.

“GSA Fast Tracks Dahua Installation Of 2245 Intercoms.”

GSA Fast Tracks Dahua Installation 2 LR
GSA Fast Tracks Dahua installation.


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