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Hikvision Roadshow Gives Very Wide Angle Views of SCG

HIKVISION brought its national roadshow to Sydney during the week and the company's newly released DS-2CD6986CM-5mm 7.3MP 180-degree full HD day/night panoramic dome camera gave visitors one of the biggest views of the Sydney Cricket Ground they are ever likely to see.

The roadshow has visited all the state capitals over the past 4 weeks and the last event gave attendees a look at the company's latest and greatest electronic security solutions. According to Hikvision's Brad Ballesty, it's easy to mistake Hikvision for a pure video surveillance manufacturer but the access control, intercom and automation solutions on show suggest that view is too limiting. 

We saw plenty of things we liked at the roadshow but our favourite was the 180-degree wide angle, which covered the SCG, all stands and the playing surface, yet allowed surprising digital zoom from it's 4-head integrated camera system. Th cost of this camera was an eye-opener – around $800 to the trade, some one said to me. Strong, too, was a new 50x optical PTZ camera that gave excellent views from one side of the stadium to the other, drilling all the way to the level of individual seats. 

There were presentations from Milestone and NX Witness, as well as case studies from around Australia, which gave visitors a sense of the way particular technologies such as thermal and IVA are being used in the real world. ♦

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