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Hikvision Super Embedded 120-Input NVR

Hikvision Super Embedded 120-Input NVR

Hikvision’s DS-96256NI-E24/H Embedded NVR can handle 120 video inputs at 5Mbps, provides up to 24 built-in HDD interfaces and external storage devices and has a high level of system stability and redundancy.

HIKVISION’S new DS-96256NI-E24/H embedded NVR has heroic proportions and is specifically designed for large-scale surveillance solutions. Supported by Hikvision video management software and Hikvision IP cameras (including the latest introduced 4 Series smart IP cameras and smart tracking PTZ dome cameras), this NVR is a thorough surveillance solution for a variety of applications. 

Driving the unit is an industry-leading 960Mbps throughput (640Mbps for input/320Mbps for output), which gives the DS-96256NI-E24/H to provides the required bandwidth for simultaneously recording of multiple HD megapixel cameras, along with remote viewing capabilities. This is very strong performance by any standards. The big NVR has the ability to access 256 network cameras, while supporting up to 8 megapixel video input resolutions. It also supports up to 6 HDMI outputs 24 channels of live viewing and/or video playback at 1080p resolution. 

Storage is simply vast. The NVR offers 24 built-in hard drive interfaces, with 4Tb of internal storage capacity each – that’s 96TB in the box. In addition, the DS-96256NI-E24/H has a pair of USB 3.0 ports, one Mini SAS, and one eSATA interface for additional data capability. This huge backend support means HikVision’s big kahuna is not all about camera input bragging rights. The unit is the real deal.  

Storage is designed with reliability in mind, and the DS-96256NI-E24/H NVR employs RAID 0,1,5,10 disk management across all 24 hard drives. Dual systems and a redundant power supply are also includes, to improve system reliability and ensure seamless video recording. 

Equipped with Alarm I/O and Audio I/O interfaces, the unit allows users to connect to a variety of external audible & visual alarm devices for additional security control purposes. There are also four 1Gbps optical fibre interfaces are supported to ensure smooth data transmission. 

Along with the flagship model we are talking about here there are other models available including the DS-96128NI-E16(/H), with up to 128 IP cameras, 16 HDDs and an optional LCD touch screen; the DS-96128NI-E24(/H), supporting up to 128 IP cameras, 24 HDDs and an optional LCD touch screen; the DS-96256NI-E16(/H), which supports up to 256 IP cameras, 16 HDDs and an optional LCD touch screen and the DS-96256NI-E24(/H) which supports up to 256 IP cameras, 24 HDDs and an optional LCD touch screen.

Driving the new DVR is HikVision’s iVMS-4200, which offers a flexible distributed structure and easy-to-use operations. It provides multiple functionalities including real-time live view, video recording, remote search and playback and file backup. Thanks to its embedded web server, iVMS-4200 client can be accessed via the web browser where it provides the functionalities of live view, playback, device management, account management and system configuration. iVMS-4200 client offers a user-friendly wizard and introduces some basic operations of the software, such as adding device, importing device to group and configuring record schedule.

There are different view modes supported in the live view or playback process and users can play the video in default view mode or in custom view mode. The custom view can be customized as desired. Camera links mean that when tampering alarm or video loss alarm occurs, the image from the linked camera will pop up for notification.

Other features of iVMS4200 include the ability to add offline devices to the client with the required information input. When the device comes online, the software will connect it automatically. An alarm output control manually turns on or off alarm output of the added device. And not only cameras, but also alarm inputs can be added to E-map as hot spots. These alarm input hot spots can detect the conditions of the surveillance scenario and give the alarm information.

“We see an ever-increasing demand for high definition surveillance in large-scale projects,” says Eric Shen, product marketing manager at Hikvision. “Features such as multi-channel recording, high definition video preview and massive storage capacity have become paramount. Obviously, system stability is always of the highest importance in big projects and Hikvision's DS-96256NI-E24/H Embedded NVR is designed to meet these critical demands.

Fact File:

Features of Hikvision's DS-96256NI-E24/H Embedded NVR include:

* Support for 128 camera inputs at 5Mbps
* Ability to access 256 network cameras
* 960Mbps throughput
* 24 HDD bays giving 96TB onboard
* 24 channels of live viewing
* Supported by iVMS 4200 
* RAID 0,1,5,10 disk management
* Four 1Gbps optical fibre interfaces.

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