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Hills Launches HillsTrak Asset Management Solution

HILLS says it will strengthen its position as a one-stop shop for technology solutions with the launch of its asset tracking product, HillsTrak.

HillsTrak is a secure, easy to use asset management solution to track and trace assets within an organisation. Web-based and leveraging the latest mobile network platforms, HillsTrak promises to streamline business functions by automating complex asset management processes like stocktakes and preventative maintenance schedules. Staff can
simply log onto an app on their smartphone or tablet to scan, record and manage assets.

HillsTrak also offers huge potential in the healthcare sector, not only to track medical assets, such as wheelchairs and medical aids, but also as a means to monitor patients from admission to discharge, providing a timeline of events and generating customised reporting to identify trends in patient flow, or even manage infection control.

The technology will be especially relevant in the aged care sector, where in combination with specialised equipment, HillsTrak can be employed to safeguard people with dementia and other related conditions by creating personalised boundaries to prevent wandering. 

Hills CEO, David Lenz, said that as one of Australia’s largest technology providers, Hills understood the challenges facing government and enterprise organisations, and their requirement to provide accountable and transparent governance.

“HillsTrak simplifies the complexities involved in managing assets, from counting to customised reporting,” Lenz said. “It’s not an off-the shelf boxed solution – HillsTrak is customised to the needs of the user, and we can adapt the software to fit almost any application.”

“The strength of HillsTrak is that it is an open platform solution. Staff can use their smartphone or tablet to login and locate, record and manage data. Organisation can pull data from multiple remote locations quickly and easily to view results or analyse trends.

“With HillsTrak, the information you need to make good business decisions is on an app on your phone. It’s an effective tool for end users and decision makers alike, giving instant access to data, dashboards, metrics and customised insights. It is the perfect productivity driver in today’s fast paced business environment,” Lenz said.♦


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