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Honeywell Galaxy Intruder Access Panel Flexes Muscle

Honeywell has enhanced its powerful Galaxy Flex intruder and access control panel with video verification, a ‘night set’ mode and smartphone app allowing authorised users universal access to panel functions.

HONEYWELL has upgraded its Galaxy Flex integrated intruder and access control solution with a night set mode, a new compact housing design and a Galaxy Range Mobile App for remote access. Galaxy Flex, with hybrid wired and wireless technology and video verification of alarm events, is a strong solution for homeowners and small to medium size businesses.

Galaxy Flex can be used by installers as a standard piece of equipment, regardless of whether it is being integrated into a commercial or residential building. This flexibility provides benefits for both installers, who are able to install the product quickly and easily without the need to learn how to operate a new system, and for users who can choose a solution that has both residential and commercial benefits.

Galaxy’s new night set mode allows homeowners to create separate night-time security set-up, providing protection while they are asleep. This feature enables users to arm only the sensors needed to protect the house perimeter or isolated areas of the house. It also provides a silent mode, removing audible tones during arming and hence allowing users to set the alarm without disturbing others in the house. This feature allows for easier programming for user set-up, which saves installers time on the job.

Galaxy E080 04

Comms board

The new firmware also provides a set-up wizard, which simplifies the process of setting up simple alarm signalling to a monitoring station, with or without a back-up signalling path over telephone lines, broadband or wireless GSM/GPRS links. This provides benefits for installers allowing them to take full advantage of fast, reliable signalling solutions without the need for extensive training or prolonged set-up times.

Galaxy’s new compact housing design provides an ideal solution for systems that do not require several additional add-ons to the basic panel and where space is limited. The new housing provides benefits to installers for quick and easy installation in both residential and commercial settings.

The prevalence of smartphones and tablets means that mobile applications are becoming an increasingly popular way of providing services to consumers. The enhanced Galaxy Flex solution capitalises on this ongoing trend by allowing users to access the system remotely – anytime, anywhere – through their own broadband connection by easy download of the Galaxy Flex Range Mobile App from any application store.

Accessing Galaxy Flex via its mobile app allows easy remote control of the system at the touch of a button. Features such as status reporting, set and unset, control of groups, outputs and detailed log information can all be accessed while mobile.

The Galaxy Flex Range Mobile App provides installers with additional benefits. Firstly, it reduces the cost to serve and supports customers by providing them with an easy way of accessing information and adjusting the service. Secondly, the availability of a smartphone application makes it more attractive for consumers who are increasingly looking for a security system that suits their lifestyle.

“The best technology embraces and incorporates changes in consumer behaviour,” says Martin Pacitti, Galaxy product manager EMEA, Honeywell Security Group. 

“Our latest version of Galaxy Flex can be operated in ways that are familiar to people – using smartphones, tablets, apps – in addition to providing a robust and flexible security solution.”

Galaxy Flex supports alarm verification by image sequence, with its ISN3010B4 sensor recording around 100 images at 640 x 352 pixels, with up to 35 images per sequence with 10 image pre-alarm memory. There are GSM/GPRS, Ethernet, PSTN comms options, multiple sensor and keypad options, including a touch keypad, and the system is programmable via quick set up wizards. 

There’s also flexible expansion with up to 100 wired or wireless zones, 98 users, 98 wireless key fobs, 8 groups, up to four door controllers (DCMs) controlling up to 8 doors and an access event log records up to 1000 events.  


“Our latest version of Galaxy Flex can be operated in ways that are familiar to people – using smartphones, tablets, apps – in addition to providing a robust and flexible security solution”

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