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Mercury Security Introduces New Linux Intelligent Controller Line

MERCURY Security, part of HID, which manufactures OEM access control panels for many large brands, has released a new Linux intelligent controller line. The development recognises the networked nature of electronic security’s future.

The new series is said to offer advanced security, enhanced performance and extensive third-party integration support for a wide range of complimentary applications. Mercury’s LP Intelligent Controllers, which include the LP4502, LP1501, LP1502 and LP2500, act as a mid-span communications manager and data hub that enables connectivity and functionality to secondary controllers and third-party peripherals.

“As the industry leader in open platform hardware that addresses the diverse set of access control requirements, Mercury is defined by our ability to offer relevant solutions that meet the future needs of our partners and their customers,” said Matthew Barnette, president of Mercury Security.

“Our new LP controllers mark a major step in forwarding our long-term vision of providing open architecture-based access control systems, especially in today’s new era of technologies and applications that are being used in smarter and more connected environments.”

The multidevice and third-party application integration capabilities allow organizations to easily integrate wireless locks, destination dispatch elevator controllers, intelligent power supplies and strong authentication for FIPS-201 government applications, according to the company.

These new controllers feature an embedded crypto memory chip that provides an extra layer of protection for encrypted data-at-rest applications. This allows customers to significantly increase their security. Combining these features with an improved processor, the new LP controller line also delivers greater capacity and speed.

Mercury’s new controller line includes the allowing OEMs, channel partners and end customers to choose the controller configuration that best fits their needs. Partners and end customers can benefit from LP controllers in new access control systems or they can be used for seamless plug-and-play upgrades from Mercury’s existing EP series controllers.

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