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New and Improved User Interfaces

There’s a lot of good things going on in the area of GUIs right now. There’s Milestone’s capable and functional offering, improvements from DVTel V6, there’s Genetec and Mobotix’ gear as well custom local solutions from companies like Orion Integration and new players pushing through, including EOS’ very solid DigiFort solution. This last represents a smart move from EOS. DigiFort was developed by a team of software people in Brazil and it’s got a great feature set and a super strong price. Perhaps the sweetest thing about DigiFort is the fact it’s been put together by a small team that’s capable of quickly incorporating new features on the fly. I got a look at this product the other day and was impressed with the simplicity of the interface and its functionality. If you’re an installers looking for an affordable product that can handle single site work and expand to enterprise level in the future, Digifort is worth a closer look.


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