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New Electronic Security Stuff 2017: Great Expectations

As the increasingly networked electronic security industry continues to merge with consumer tech and software-based intelligence, it’s likely we’re going to see plenty of great new things in 2017. The accent is going to be on those solutions that enhance operational capabilities while reducing costs. 

WHAT does 2017 hold? While it’s never easy to make accurate predictions it’s fair to say we are going to see the rapid-fire release of new products and technologies as manufacturers move to satisfy a growing desire for automation and increased efficiencies from end users. When it comes to growth, all the distributors and manufacturers we spoke with pointed to expected growth rates of more than 10 per cent – some expected growth higher than 20 per cent.  

Rob copy.jpg MR
Rob Rosa, QSS

According to Rob Rosa at Q Security Systems, the key product releases installers, integrators and end users should keep an eye open for in 2017 include video surveillance, intrusion detection and more broadly, security solutions that are properly supported, intrinsically secure and highly robust. 

“We have a great range of cameras and NVRs that are going to be released in 2017, including the enhanced FLIR Enterprise V7 and the NUUO Champ NVR that we just launched with a whole set of great new features,” Rosa says. 
“While it’s starting to get hard to differentiate product such as cameras and NVRs, especially as many of the products are distributed in a very me-too fashion, we continue to provide value-adds in back-of-house like pre-configuration, phone support and the like.”  

Rosa says trends that will impact on the business this year include ease of use with video and ease of integration with 3rd party existing products. 

“P2P is definitely becoming the norm for the smaller to medium systems as is the cloud hosting for remoting of footage in smaller environments,” he says. “We also feel that intrusion will continue to move forward and while there are new entrants to the market, it will be hard to move away from the proven brand name products that have been a dominant force and these again are now really affordable so releasing higher cost competition in the intrusion space will be difficult. 

“I also feel that systems that do not offer a good level of security or are open to vulnerabilities will start to be judged more seriously given security today is arguably at its height of importance due to some close calls at home with terror plots, etc. Protecting your site/s is not just about getting the right cameras, NVR or VMS, intrusion and/or access but it is also about providing a system that is capable of being staunch and robust and highly impenetrable. Such consideration needs to be taken seriously particularly if you wish to protect your valuable data and backend where financial, business and other sensitive information is housed. 

Mark Edwards copy.jpg MR
Mark Edwards, CSD

At CSD Mark Edwards says a key release in 2017 will be the incorporation into Avigilon ACC6 VMS of the latest Appearance Search technology. 

“Avigilon ACC6 VMS incorporating the latest Appearance Search technology will be released on February 6th 2017,” says Edwards. “This ground breaking enhancement to video analytics will change the way surveillance systems are used in all market verticals. By simply highlighting a person within an image you can find out; Where did they come from, what did they do, where did they go, where are they now?

According to Edwards, Inner Range in 2017 is releasing 4 many key integrations and enhancements to the Integriti Security Management System, further expanding the compatibility and flexibility of Inner Range’s flagship product. These include Right Crowd visitor management software Feb 2017, Innovonics wireless interface April 2017, Aiphone IX Commercial intercom integration February 2017, Aiphone GT Apartment System integration April 2017, T4000 Security Communicator – Added ‘general use’ 3G router functionality Q1 2017, SkyTunnel, SkyCommand and SkyGuard – many new features Q1 2017, several new high level interfaces. Other releases include Inner Range’s new Elite codepad, providing a stylish end-user interface to the Inception, Integriti and Concept systems, which will be available in Q2 2017.

CDS will also be introducing new Mobotix H.264 video streaming to its range of IP cameras, which will allow any VMS to incorporate Mobotix cameras into the system, there will be Aiphone high level integration of their IX commercial range and the GT Apartment range of intercoms to the Inner Range Integriti Security Management System. This opens the door for Aiphone to provide a complete turnkey solution with Inner Range in installations where integration is required. Q1 IX Integration, Q2 GT Integration.

Another key release will be Hikvsion’s Blazer Express server-based recording platform coupled with ANPR camera solutions. All preliminary testing has proved this system to be a reliable option for number plate recognition on larger sites and it will be released in February 2017. Another important release will be Inovonics high level integration to the Inner Range product suite, enabling its extensive suite of long range wireless solutions to operate seamlessly with Integriti or Inception security systems. It will be available in Q2.

In your opinion, what will be the building trends of 2017 – what will influence the market most?

“A recent news report stated there are 220,000 homes currently under construction Australia-wide and a record number of DA approvals for apartment developments,” says Edwards. “These trends will dramatically influence the residential alarm panel market and those systems offering internet gateways to the Internet of Things will be the winners in this market segment. The consumer expects to be able to self-monitor, control and watch their home security system from their smart device. Integration between apartment intercom systems, CCTV and the buildings security and access control system will become more prevalent within the residential apartment market. We absolutely expect, and have already experienced, substantial growth this financial year and moving into 2017.”

New from Genetec will be Security Center version 5.6, the latest update of its flagship open architecture unified IP security platform. The system will offer a modern HTML5-based user experience, streamlined web server deployment, and augmented stream support. License plates can now be assigned to cardholders as credentials, allowing organizations to leverage access control (ACS) capabilities for managing parking access. There will be new ACS integrations to SimonVoss electronic locks and the Mercury Security MS Bridge will offer additional choice to customers deploying new or upgrading existing systems. Advanced bandwidth management between local and remote sites and advanced video transfer for organizations with regulated video retention requirements round are some of the new video capabilities.

AutoVu SharpV automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras can now be used as an access control reader when connected to a Synergis Cloud Link over an IP network. Access to a facility through a gate or other barrier will then be granted or denied based on a cardholder’s assigned license plate credentials and configured access rules.

And Genetec Synergis Cloud Link—Access Control appliance updates will introduce new features supporting the Synergis access control system for easier 'take over' integration when replacing older, legacy access control systems. 

Genetec has also recently provided early demonstrations of its new Retail Intelligence application that helps retailers use their existing security infrastructure to transform customer experience by maximizing time staff spends with shoppers to reduce abandonment, boosting display and promotion effectiveness to drive traffic and tailoring product placement and store layout to shopper preferences.

There’s also a new Genetec clearance—collaborative case management application that helps speed up investigations by offering a totally cloud-based way to securely collect, manage and share evidence from different sources. Share, manage and control access to all case-related content, with easy to copy and send content and automated image masking redaction tools to protect the privacy of public citizens.

According to Genetec, the biggest market influencers for 2017 will center around Cybersecurity, managing and leveraging IoT, and getting the most and best ROI from installed security platforms.

“Cybersecurity will continue to be a major focus in 2017 for both integrators offering authentication, encryption and access solutions for security professionals in charge of both smaller or local security systems to broad, federated enterprise and citywide security deployments,” says Genetec.

“Security integrators and end-users will have to work very hard to harden their systems against hacking, mobile attacks that can steal a system credentials and internet of things (IoT) placed malware, which can open backdoors to sensors that can often go undetected for long periods of time.

“Genetec will continue to extend the features and capabilities of its unified, open architecture platform, offering applications to help vertical markets get more from their existing security system. With applications that help retailers gather business intelligence from their existing video surveillance systems and Genetec Mission Control, designed for critical decision support management and reporting.

“The demand for quality, innovative security solutions will grow in 2017. Entering its 20th year, Genetec has experienced above-industry standard growth over the past five years, and expects the same for 2017, with many new applications and innovations planned for the year.”

Rob Meachem1 Crop copy
Rob Meachem, BGWT

Over at BGW Technologies, GM Robert Meachem says Pelco, Dell, Juniper were all expected to make strong product strides in 2017.

“H.265 and Cyber security features being released in Milestone VMS and Panasonic’s Extreme camera line up will be leading the charge in early 2017,” Meachem says. “S2’s success is being reinvested into innovative releases of user friendly features like Magic Monitor 4, widget integration and deep integration into 3rd party products like Milestone. Across all these product lines integrators and end users should watch this space.”  
Meachem is also expecting growth in 2017. 

“No question,” he says. “With the significant work we have done with our product/agency line up and coupled with an increase in staff numbers we expect the upwards trend from 2016 to deliver more than 30 per cent growth in 2017.”

Meanwhile, BGWT national product manager Mark Shannon said 2017 will certainly be an interesting year on many fronts, however, the biggest topic and the area where action is most required will be cyber security. 

“We are not just talking about encryption of the stored video, which has been around for a long time, but also protecting the security devices themselves,” Shannon explains. “These devices include cameras, DVRs, alarm panels, (which some IT experts like to call IoT devices) and they will start to become threats unless some sort of action is taken by the industry. I believe the industry is aware of this subject, but most are either uncertain as to what it really means, how to combat it properly, what it might affect, or a combination of all of these. 

“Manufacturers, distributors, consultants and system integrators will all need to take actions to understand and deal with these threats to protect the end customers and all customer segments, not just enterprise customers. I think some may even believe it is just hype, however, with the recent take down of the DYN servers, back in October, causing disruption many Tier 1 online companies, this problem is genuinely real. This was caused by many devices including these IoT devices, some of which were surveillance systems. Companies like Milestone, Panasonic and Senstar are security manufacturers actively promoting features/products that aim to deal with this real industry threat.” 

Chris Fitzpatrick copy.jpg MR
Chris Fitzpatrick, CS Technologies

At CS Technologies, Chris Fitzpatrick says CS Technologies is currently finishing its Stage 1 cloud solution. 

“This includes multiple backup locations (local PC and cloud) and FTP (File Transfer Protocol) backup location (send database to FTP server,” he explains. “We will then be upgrading the SPR CCTV NVR/DVR interface to h265. This is the first to move to the new codec technology, I believe the new models of the Dahua being released in January 2017 will be the same and we will adjust our interface software to work with these new models as soon as the updated SDK is available. The same will apply to Hikvision when available.

“Later in 2017 CS will be looking to go to our Stage 2 cloud solution with options including running Evolution on a virtual cloud desktop and moving more of the software and communication to the cloud.

According to Fitzpatrick, trends that will influence the market in 2017 include greater consideration for new smart buildings or upgrading existing buildings to enhance their intelligence and energy efficiency through better internal building control, security and access control. 

“And we do expect our business to grow in 2017 by 20 per cent or greater as more people and companies realise the cost effectiveness of the Evolution Management System and its ability to interface to many different applications from building access, energy management, 24 hour gyms, craven parks, self-storage sites, etc.”

Craig Cobbin copy copy.jpg MR
Craig Cobbin, Pelco

Pelco’s Craig Cobbin says 2016 was a big year for Pelco.

“There was a host of new products released and these continue to have an exciting roadmap ahead,” Cobbin says. “2017 will see the release of VideoXpert 2.0 VMS Software which will include a host of new features and integrations. Along with this, VideoXpert Professional, our new mid-tier VMS system which utilises the VideoXpert software package and is designed for small to medium sites, multi-site applications and aggregation in to VideoXpert Enterprise, will be released. 

“Pelco will be releasing a new range of Sarix Enhanced 2 cameras in Q2, which features the same low light SureVision technology used in the new Spectra and Esprit low light PTZ Cameras. Pelco will also be releasing a new Pelco Spectra Professional range plus ExSite HD IP Explosion Proof range of cameras.”

When it comes to the trends ahead, Cobbin says Pelco has seen a resurgence of clients coming back looking for better image quality, especially under low and harsh lighting conditions. 

“End users are becoming increasingly aware of the requirements to have good quality colour images under low light and not wanting video that has switched to B&W or requires IR lighting,” he says. “The ability to capture detail in WDR and bright light applications is also high on the agenda. Panomersive cameras are also growing in popularity due to their ability to capture a much greater amount of detail and get wider coverage while reducing installation time plus equipment and licensing costs.

“With the number of exciting new products released in 2016 and an exciting roadmap for 2017, it’s safe to say Pelco has re-emerged as a strong player and anticipate double digit growth for the year ahead.”

James Layton Bosch Security Systems copy.jpg MR
James Layton, Bosch Security Systems

At Bosch Security, James Layton says 2017 will see several new additions to Bosch’s video systems line up. 

“At the very start of the year we’ll be launching our new cost-effective NVR range with built-in PoE,” he says. “We also have more than a dozen new camera line launches this year, primarily focusing on higher resolution images and improved features for our existing cameras, or introducing new products entirely.

“Our Bosch Video Management System software has recently been updated to version 7.0 and the Video Content Analytics in all of our products is being updated to provide new metrics and triggers. These products will further be enhanced by the release of our Cloud Based Services portal later in the year.

“For the home-user, our focus is on comfort and connectivity. Late in the year we will be releasing our new fully wireless Intrusion alarm system, along with an extensive line-up of wireless security and home automation components.”

Andrew Bowden 2 copy.jpg MR
Andrew Bowden, Bosch Security Systems

In terms of market trends, Bosch’s Andrew Bowden says while some parts of the market remain price sensitive, Bosch is seeing demand from customers looking for a point of difference and selecting products based on the value-add they can offer. 

“With so many CCTV systems being connected to the open internet, data security will continue to be a very hot topic,” Bowden says. “We are witnessing growing concern from our customers and the end-users leading to strong demand for the data safety features we can offer such as encryption. Bosch is involved with many projects at present due to our data security and encryption being deemed superior to many other products in the market. 

“There is one thing that won’t change from 2016 – customers continue to want more; more inputs, more doors, more outputs, more integration, higher frame rates, higher resolutions and  better analytics just to mention a few. Bosch continues to invest substantially in R&D and see it as our obligation as a leading manufacturer to ensure we set the trends and remain at the forefront of technology.” 

When it comes to growth, Bowden says January has been quite fruitful and given Bosch’s current project pipeline the team expects 2017 to prove very successful. 

“The project pipeline coupled with our new customer service initiatives will see our business experience double-digit growth throughout the year starting from January,” he says. “Our intrusion business continues to show strong growth due to the various products that we have introduced to the Australian market and our video systems (CCTV) business will see market share growth as we implement several new strategies and launch new products throughout 2017.” ♦

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