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New Free Mobotix MxAnalytics Now Available

MxAnalytics is now available free for all Mobotix single lens cameras, including great value indoor camera models i25, c25 and p25. 

It’s possible to count people moving through corridors in different directions, as well as being able to generate heat maps to indicate the area with the greatest amount of moving activity.

The camera is able to send this statistical data on an automated daily or weekly basis, and it is an excellent tool for measuring the behavior of people, for example in a retail setting. 

For a single price, you get a hemispheric 5MP camera system, including analysis software, analysis software, recording software, which enables Terabytes of recordings to be stored on a NAS device, along with all other MOBOTIX camera features, such activity sensor and automatic event messaging, and recording.

Distributor: Mobotix 
Contact: 61 2 8507 2000


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