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ONVIF Schedules Profile G Release Date for 2014

ONVIF Schedules Profile G Release Date for 2014

Profile G will encompass devices ranging from cameras and encoders to networked video recorders (NVR) and client systems such as video management systems, building management systems and physical security information management (PSIM) systems.
For example, Profile G can be deployed between a PSIM solution integrating video playback from an NVR, including specific features such as starting and ending recording; searching video using various filters such as time, event or metadata; video retrieval and playback; and, on the receiver side, creating a source of IP media.
In 2012, ONVIF released Profile S as the standard interface to stream video and audio between conformant devices and clients. The organization maintains that although Profile G and Profile S are related, the two are independent profiles and encompass different functionalities of a network video system. 
Some devices, such as a camera with onboard storage or a DVR, may implement both profiles. In contrast, a camera may implement Profile S for transmission of the video while an NVR would encompass functionalities from Profile G, according to ONVIF.
“The introduction of Profile G will complete the circuit between live video and the other half of the equation, which is video storage,” says Steven Dillingham, chairman of ONVIF’s Profile G Working Group and Software Engineer for Vidsys. “This further refines the level of interoperability among ONVIF-conformant products.”
In order for ONVIF members and stakeholders to conduct a final implementation review, the organization circulates new profiles first as a ‘release candidate’ for six months. Upon completion of the process, ONVIF publishes the final profile, allowing technology providers to test their products for conformance to the final version of Profile G.
The final version is expected to be released in early 2014.
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