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Paradox NVX80 SeeTrue Intrusion Detector

Paradox NVX80 with SeeTrue technology is a motion detector with 8 detection channels – 4 forward-looking PIR channels, including 2 quad interlock geometry sensors, 2 microwave channels and 2 dedicated creep detectors, incorporating a quad sensor with interlock geometry.

NEW from Paradox, which is distributed locally by CSD is the NVX80 high security intrusion detector, a sensor designed to offer durability and resilience under different conditions, including extreme environments. The sensor has an integrated OLED display that assists installers during installations. NVX80 is suitable for indoor, outdoor, commercial, industrial and residential high security applications and combines active infrared, microwave, anti-masking and SeeTrue technologies enabling detection capabilities that are beyond previously known limits. 

This aggregation of capabilities enables high detector sensitivity while enhancing reliability by minimizing false alarms. The technology blend in the Paradox NVX80 with SeeTrue significantly improves recognition of intruders trying to avoid detection by using cloaking materials (heavy coats, cartons, umbrellas). NVX80 detects movements that are difficult for standard PIR to identify and retains reliability, even in high temperature environments. 

NVX80 Side

NVX80 comes with Easy Slide mounting and full-colour OLED display that is designed to help with quick installation, as well as 4-button, menu-driven, no-manual programming. The NVX80 is built tough and is vandal-resistant. It combines unique Paradox innovations to ensure high sensitivity in high temperature conditions.

First up is SeeTrue, which improves detection of both IR (3x quad sensor) and dual-channel microwave (MW) technology, significantly reduces false alarms and features 2 detection modes, Sterile and Secure.

SeeTrue Technology (Patent Pending) was developed exclusively for the NVX80 motion detector. It enhances detection sensitivity and reliability even in high temperature environments while significantly reducing false alarms. SeeTrue, utilizes dual technology infrared and microwave motion detection to identify camouflaged movements to ‘see through’ tricks used to breach common PIR detectors. 

SeeTrue offers 2 levels of security within a 12m range – Secure Mode provides excellent coverage, enhanced detection sensitivity without losing detection reliability, while Sterile Mode provides the strictest sensitivity, making it almost impossible to move undetected in the protected area.

Another strong feature is Active IR Anti-Mask Detection. This improves on solutions currently in the market with its enhanced sensitivity as well as higher reliability and accuracy. The NVX80 recognizes objects placed in close proximity of the lens, clear wood lacquer, aluminium foil, clear adhesive tape etc, movement within close range of the unit and degradation of the lens by dirt or dust. Confirmation of movement detection by microwave (in short ranges) increases the reliability in detecting an anti-mask event.

trioda 1 low

The NVX80 offers an integrated unit with dedicated sensor and circuitry for Creep Detection that enables independent customization of creep sensitivity to secure the area directly below the detector. There’s also Pet Immunity with 2 modes that prevents pets weighing up to 20kg from triggering the detector and creating a false alarm. By filtering the movement of the pets, the detector’s reliability increases.

According to Paradox, the company is pioneering intuitive, no-manual programming for fast and efficient installation. For installers there’s OLED display and easy, no-manual programming. There are no jumpers and no dipswitch settings, trimmers or complex wiring needed. The full-color OLED menu display and 4-button interface provides an intuitive guide for installers to program and customize settings as well as test the unit. 

All programming, customization and calibrations are made via the OLED screen and interface. The sensor shares detection status and notifies of possible problems. Dedicated diagnostics for PIR, MW, anti-mask and SeeTrue enable simple, accurate, one time installation. 

Technical Specifications include 2.5-3m mounting height, dual technology sensing across multiple sensor channels, SeeTrue with a range of 12, anti-masking surpassing EN50131 Grade 3 for all materials and liquids, and active microwave for proximity detection. 

Sensor coverage is 16m at 90-degrees with creep zones, consumption is 75-100mA at 12V DC, the OLED display has a resolution of 96 x 64 pixels, there’s cover and wall tamper, RF immunity from 10 V/m to 2.7GHz, and an operating temperature from -35C to 60C. Construction materials are ASA UV resistant and there’s an all-weather combined cover and swivel bracket. Weight of the NVX80 is 520g. 

Fact File:

Features of the Paradox NVX80 include:

* Superior active IR anti-mask detection 
* Improved optics, 50 per cent greater than standard focal length, 
 higher efficiency lens 
* Paradox Pet Immunity – recognizes animals up to 20kg (44 lbs) and minimizes false alarms
* Dedicated Creep Detection that can be independently customized
* Easy, menu-driven programming – full-colour OLED + 4-button interface drives intuitive, no-manual programming
* Straightforward diagnostics dedicated to testing technologies individually (PIR, MW, anti-mask, SeeTrue) during and after installation 
* 3 relay outputs    enable maximum flexibility and compatibility with other security systems
* Paradox Digiplex interface with remote programming capability using EVO bus
* Sleek, all-weather, vandal-resistant design with tough construction.


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