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Pelco Releases VideoXpert 3.1 Video Management System

VideoXpert (VX) 3.1, Pelco’s recent update to its performance-oriented Video Management System software, bolsters cybersecurity defenses and provides an enhanced user interface.

“VideoXpert VMS functionality continues to evolve at a rapid pace, delivering what customers care most about: intuitive features, mission-critical availability, and responsiveness as well as providing day-to-day secure and trusted system operation that can scale with them as their deployments grow,” said Todd Dunning, Pelco’s senior product line manager.

“With this latest version, we unified and incorporated many new features across VideoXpert Pro and Enterprise editions that work with Pelco’s broad camera portfolio as well as third-party cameras, including those supporting ONVIF.”

According to Pelco, one of the chief benefits of VideoXpert is its intuitive interface. Users can easily navigate between different video feeds and other key data feeds, all displayed on one screen in front of them. With VideoXpert 3.1, the interface has become even easier to use. A new mobile/thin feature provides a faster frame rate delivery, offering operators a smoother video viewing experience. The upgraded software also makes it easier for users to upload maps and floorplans as PNG and JPEG files.

The cybersecurity enhancements, including support for FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption and expanded support for NIST-defined RMF, make VX 3.1 ideal for organizations responsible for safeguarding sensitive data, such as government agencies, health care providers, gaming facilities and energy corporations.

VideoXpert 3.1 features:

● Expanded hitless dynamic cluster: Enables administrators to add new core and media gateway servers without disrupting ongoing surveillance operations.
● Support for high-resolution GFC Professional 4K Camera: Allows export, viewing, playback of H.265 compressed video streams.
● Support for FIPS 140-2 encryption: Ensures high security standards in response to increased threats of cyber attacks.
● Expanded support for NIST-defined RMF: Makes it easier for government agencies and contractors to document how the system is storing and processing sensitive data.
● Access control icons: Allows operators to monitor the status of doors throughout the facility. They can also now lock or unlock doors through VideoXpert.
● Improved map uploading: Administrators can more easily integrate maps and floorplans into the system.
● The update is available for download immediately.




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