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Powerful New Encoder From Bosch

Bosch Security Systems introduces a new single channel video encoder that smartens up existing analog cameras by transforming them into powerful automated detectors. The encoder delivers best-quality H.264 compressed video and has a built-in hardware accelerator for Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) functionality.The powerful VIP-X1XF encoder is capable of generating two independent, full-frame-rate, full-resolution (25IPS@4CIF) video streams per camera. This enables two video streams to be recorded simultaneously on different media offering maximum flexibility and redundancy – for example, centrally on iSCSI drives managed by the Bosch VRM (Video Recording Manager) as well as redundantly on local media such as an SD card.The encoder’s H.264 compression reduces network load by up to 30 per cent compared with conventional compression technologies, such as MPEG-4. Bosch’s low-latency main profile H.264 implementation offers all the compression benefits for live video, without sacrificing image quality.Bosch’s video content analysis software, IVA 4.0 (Intelligent Video Analysis), is embedded into the encoders, enabling them to autonomously detect suspicious behavior including loitering, idle objects (left at scene), object removal and line crossing. To meet the increasing market demand for better images with less demand on network and storage resources, combined with “intelligence at the edge”, IVA 4.0 runs on a dedicated FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) hardware accelerator to process the entire video in real-time.IVA 4.0 is a licensable option that includes head detection to more reliably detect humans and the FLOW 4.0 motion vector algorithm that identifies activity through the movement of pixels in the scene instead of motion against a ‘learned’ background. FLOW 4.0 technology improves IVA performance in busy or continuously moving scenes like escalators, rivers and coastlines, roads and crowds. IVA 4.0 also features a new interactive two-minute calibration tool that provides immediate feedback to the installer for easier programming.With Bosch’s proprietary Bilinx support built-in, the VIP-X1XF also ensures optimum investment protection for users migrating from analog to IP. Customers can continue to remotely configure analog cameras and control pan-tilt-zoom functionality without any additional cabling. Distributor: Bosch Security Systems


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