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Ralf Hinkel Leaves Re-emergent Mobotix

MOBOTIX founder, Dr. Ralf Hinkel, has left the company after a 65 per cent stake in the business was acquired by Konica-Minolta late March as part of its Transform-2016 programme. 

Arguably the pioneering proprietary IP video solutions provider, Mobotix is now beginning to open its technology, recently entering into an agreement to work together with Genetec in research and development, testing, business development, and sales support for new and existing enterprise clients.   

Prior to Hinkel’s departure, Kunihiro Koshizuka, director and senior executive officer at Konica Minolta, was appointed as new member of the supervisory board of MOBOTIX AG. 

As well as working with Genetec, MOBOTIX aims at improving its leading camera technology through innovations such as new high-resolution imaging sensors and high-grade lenses. 

A further objective of Konica Minolta and MOBOTIX is the joint development of next-generation security solutions including Konica Minolta’s industrial optical systems including 3D-LiDAR 3D image generating laser sensor and intelligent solutions for specific vertical markets, such as monitoring residents at nursing care homes and hospitals.♦

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