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Register Now For SecTech 2016 & Camera Shootout!

REGISTER now for SecTech 2016 here and don’t miss the chance to see all the latest electronic security products and solutions from Bosch, Hills, Panasonic, Canon, Dahua, Hikvision, QSS, Sylo, LSC, CR Kennedy, Mobotix, CSD, Tyco, BGWT and Axis in your city!

No flight or accommodation costs, SecTech Roadshow brings leading manufacturers and distributors of the best electronic security gear directly to you – and everything’s free. Free entry, free parking, free drinks and nibbles at Happy Hour.

There are plenty of great prizes in every city, including Mobotix Hemispheric 6MP c25 incorporating MxActivitySensor, MxAnalytics and 3 clamps for easy installation in suspended ceilings. Meanwhile BGWT’s Rob Meachem says the team will give away a $A400 Tradie Work Pack, including a $300 BGWT gift voucher, as well as a coffee     mug, smart phone emergency charger, stubbie holder, stainless drink bottle and a pen.

SecTech 2016 Camera Shootout Grows Up

Last year we deployed a single bank of full body (and a couple of bullet) cameras in a shootout that was heavy on low light performance and tested high end cameras that were optioned for best low light performance and are installed in a minority of installations. 

This year we will test much more widely used and affordable 1080p fixed dome and bullet cameras, as well as a group of 4K cameras, with each group set up in one of 3 banks. Given the multiplicity of options when it comes to affordable domes and bullets, our idea is to test widely-used versions at similar price points. We will be speaking to manufacturers to confirm the versions they wish to deploy in the shootout and the models will be negotiated in advance so we can set the most level playing field. 

SecTech HD Camera Shootout Server 0

When it comes to the parameters of the shootout, we’ll be looking at performance in typical light, with back light, and in low light. Throughout these lighting conditions we’ll be paying attention to key parameters like motion blur, colour rendition, contrast, sharpness, flare and ghosting, latency, noise and noise suppression artefacts. We are especially interested in motion blur in optimum light, in unassisted low light (5-25 lux) and in the presence of strong backlight. All the affordable cameras, included smoked domes, will give images under 10-lux but we want installers and end users to see which does this best. We haven’t decided whether or not to turn the lights off this year – stay tuned for that one. 

We will be outlining the cameras and test parameters in work sheets we’ll give to attendees so they can score the test as we go along – this will need to be kept simple, given parts of the test will be in low light levels making it hard to see well enough to register scores. We’ll also be setting some ceilings on bitrate and floors on shutter speed – and we’ll be looking at recordings.

Our test target for SecTech will again be Norman (National Operational Requirement Mannequin), which includes a full colour graphic and accurately sized motor vehicle licence plate. Norman allows attendees to quickly and easily check the following parameters in our test conditions:

* Image Height Ratio
* Resolution and sharpness
* Colour Rendering
* Facial Recognition and skin tones

Last year, we had volunteers moving about in the field of view to show motion blur, which was demonstrative of a human figure walking and running. This year we will employ a Rotakin test unit alongside Norman to give us a clear and consistent sense of motion blur throughout every stage of the testing process. This operational requirement forms the basis of camera test and performance measurement processes, making it ideal for our needs – key features we are interested in at Sectech 2016 are motion blur in low light – challenging stuff for any IP camera!

Register here for SecTech Roadshow and Camera Shootout!♦


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