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SCSI Secures City of Stonnington

SCSI’s new DirectConnect Fixed-IP SIM service has recently been deployed across the City of Stonington’s Council facilities and now offers direct access to its CCTV systems. 

City of Stonington’s iconic buildings including the Prahran and Malvern Town Halls, Prahran Aquatic Centre, Harold Holt Swim Centre, Stonnington’s Animal Pound and a number of other key locations. 

DirectConnect is a 4G fixed-IP Address SIM service that allows remote access and monitoring of CCTV, access control, medical and IP based platforms. SCSI retrofitted DirectConnect to a recently commissioned NUUO CCTV system supplied and installed by Q Security Systems and ADT. 

In the past, staff would drive to each location and check each system was running correctly and fault free. This would typically take 4-5 hours and involved driving to each facility in Council vehicles. This obviously resulted in not only the cost of Council vehicles and fuel, but also had a major impact on carbon emissions, congestion and the environment in general. David Taylor, risk management coordinator for Council, can now log on to all sites via iPhone or PC and remotely connect to each site and carry out system checks, stream live or playback video, and monitor the status of Council’s systems. 

Harold Holt Swim Centre
Harold Holt Swim Centre

“Partnering with SCSI has not only allowed us to achieve operation efficiencies within the City, it has also improved Community Safety which is paramount to our local and visiting residents,” said Warren Roberts, City Of Stonnington’s CEO. “We are always striving to lead through innovation and the results we have seen only strengthen our commitment to our residents, our community and our environment.” ♦


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